As of June 4.89 mil tourist visiting Melaka

As of June 4.89 mil tourist visiting Melaka

September 20, 2010
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6 month data already out and as of June Melaka get 4.89 million tourist. From the 4.89mil domestic arrival making the main input by 78% while from abroad 21%, a 51% increase from January – June 2009. In June 2010 only, Indonesian was the highest foregin visitors(38,401 (19.1%) ), Singapore (32,108 (16.0%)),China (18,544 (9.2%)), Hong Kong (9,350 (4.7%)) and Japan (8,477 (4.2%)).

length of night stay for hotel in Melaka in June is 2.44 nigths. Increase from 1.88 nights stay on June 2009. On average, on Jun 2010 about 70% visitors check in Melaka Hotels. Melaka have 198 hotels for such a small state. Increasing the length of night stay and visitors check – in of course will boost the accomodation Industry. It’s like a chain reaction where everybody links to it will benifited.

Recent An-Malaysia protest at Jakarta by a small group of people does not affected tourist arrivals from Indonesia. Usually tourist from Indonesia come here for the health treatment. Furthermore Melaka State have direct relationship with state and province in Indonesia through Dunia Melayu Dunia Islam that lead by Melaka Chief Minister itself.

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Malaysia 2nd After China on Tourist Arrival

Despite of some crisis at our neighboring countries, Malaysia still with it’s crisis free, calm environment, still govern by the same party since independence are luring the tourist to come and check out what’s Malaysia is all about.

In 2009, World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) barometer showed that Malaysia made into the top 10 countries with highest International tourist arrival. Others recognition for Malaysia by International tourism members recently are like:

-world’s top ten countries for 2010 in Lonely Planet’s “Best in Travel 2010”
-“Best Value Destinations” for 2010, Lonely Planet’s
-good value-for-money destination – According to the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2009 (ranks among the top 32 countries (out of 133))

I’d say In this ASEAN region, it’s kinda unique situation, in my 29 years of my life, I don’t know any fear of confrontation or massive force majeure in Malaysia. All my friends from different kind of races are happily with with what ever task they do. All major issues like politic and economy can be solved by the government.

The children have wide opportunity to choose their first education, affordable by the government or the dynamic and expensive one by the private. The education access for the people are continuous here and it is yours to choose. Free government hospital for the citizen and the police forces are guarding the nation safety in you can say…. at very good rate.

Bilateral relationship between other country? Malaysia are well known for it’s support for peace and no war. Malaysia also have been supporting UN troops since 1960s. Helping other nation in needs with hand and financially. Bosnia-Herzegovina, Lubnan, Iran Earthquake, Pakistan flood, Black Hawk Down, the Great Indonesian Tsunami and Earthquake, Gaza are among Malaysia portfolio.

This peace no war country making it suitable to develop the Tourism Industry. So Malaysia also aims are to increase the tourism sector’s contribution by 2.1 times, contributing RM115 billion ($36 billion) in receipts and providing 2.7 million jobs in the tourism industry in 2015.

You can read the comprehensive article about Malaysia ranks among top 10 tourist destinations here.

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Mahkota Parade shopping promotion

Mahkota Parade shopping promotion

August 17, 2010

Uolzs shopping for hari raya yet? Most of my friend I know already did early shopping to avoid hassle and bustle at last minute shopping. The crowds and the traffic. But for me, you can feel the spirit of celeberation when doing the last minute shopping. The bargaining and many outlets try sold out and put all their stock in front.

Mahkota Parade is among the list when shopping around Melaka. Let see what’s the outlet got for us:

-World of sport got 50% off
-Discount at Ogawa
-Royal Selangor got special giftboxed for syawal
-Body Glove got free gift

You can browse the item here. As usual I think there will be sales on the last week of Ramadan…


Hari Raya Enchantment

Hari Raya Enchantment

How far will you go for festive shopping? As far as Paris? Kuala Lumpur is far enough for me because I live in Melaka. Here at our place we have it all, so why do we need to go far for a shoes and handbag?

Maybe as a human, there is no such thing is enough. Like this is enough, or just enough. As long as we can spend than world is not enough.

Well, KL is Malaysia shopping hub, so it’s rational why this month there will be slight increase in KL’s traffic like in Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Suria KLCC have a promotion. When Hari Raya, KLCC are among the colorful shopping mall. They will build giant replica at the center like ketupat, village house and so on. Your kid can play too. At Petrosains, Aquaria or the public pool.

From 19 August to 13 September 2010 Suria KLCC got Raya Enchantment. Browse here for the brochure, I can see got free cupcakes and fragrance from Calvin Klein.

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Ramadhan In Malaysia – Feel at home

Ramadhan In Malaysia – Feel at home

Feel at home this Ramadhan in Malaysia – That is Tourism Malaysia tag line to promote Malaysia this Ramadhan 2010. The tagline is mostly for middle east market. Malaysia can be great destination for Muslims all over the world during fasting month.

As Islam is the main religion, fasting here is practice officially. Halal food easy to find from the street to 5Star Hotel. Mosque are everywhere to perform daily prayer and to do the Terawikh.

So from Sahur and Iftar will not be long as Malaysian fill it with activites.

At Kuala Lumpur, we can get middle east cuisine at renowned Arab restaurant like Tarbush Restaurant and Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine at Bukit Bintang. Download the Ramadhan brochure from Tourism Malaysia here.