Go Greener Everyday

Go Greener Everyday

October 10, 2010

I think we already heard about the concern of our ozone layer is decreasing since we were kid at school. After decade of polluting the earth, now there are a strong move to promote greener initiative. The Go Green Campaign.

Although, if we stop smoking alone don’t affect much the global warming activities compared to the coal energy power plant or chemical industries release, just think it for our own healthy reason. Well…. because we live in the equator with tropical environment, maybe we don’t see the urgency of greening our place as other develop country in the west part of the globe.

The concept is mutually need. Because everyone in the world breath the same air, forest fire in Kalimantan will affect the day of all the Asian countries. As individual, if not start practicing now, and everyone also don’t bother about it, now maybe you don’t feel the differences. But our kid will follow and the future can be not ‘too green’.

Speaking of green, by eating many green vegetables doesn’t mean that your are on the right path. A very fresh look veggies maybe because the affect of very harmful pesticide these days. And that mean you can’t live long enough.

So support the Go Green Campaign in your Country, State, City and Neighborhood. For reading you can rean here,here and here.

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