What is the Smallest National Park?

What is the Smallest National Park?

October 10, 2010
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Malaysia have few national park that are listed as among the oldest in the world. Not just thousand years old but something like 100 million plus years old. The renowned one are like Taman Negara Pahang, Rompin and Belum. The Belum Forest Reserve are consider untouched and very rich in diversity.

However did you ever notice that Penang had a National Park too? Yup for a small state Penang Have a gazette National Park . Penang National Park,2,562 hectares and home of 417 flora and 143 fauna species. One thing special about the park is the only one in Malaysia that contains six different types of habitat. You can read the info here.

How about Melaka? Yes Melaka had one gazette forest too but It’s not a national park but forest reserves. Gazetted as a wildlife sanctuary under the Birds and Wild Life Protection. It’s Tanjung Tuan, place that designated by BirdLife International as an Important Bird Area. Tanjung Tuan is famous for Raptor Watch every year..

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