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Gua Tempurung Perak Malaysia

Gua Tempurung Perak Malaysia

Are you the energetic and outdoor lover type?

If your answer is yes then you’ll definitely enjoy your time at Gua Tempurung .

Gua Tempurung is located at the outskirts of Perak , Lembah Tempurung near Gopeng. If your traveling from the North-South PLUS Expressway , the turning point will be Gopeng exit.

Inside Gua Tempurung is a massive cavern standing at 497 meters high. It is visible from the North-South Expressway near Gopeng. The cave is made of marble limestone (calcite calcium) of the Kinta limestone type.

It is more than 400 million years old and has a length of 1.9km , height of 120 metres. There is an underground river it is called Sungai Gua Tempurung. The river passage runs about 1.6 km through the cave inside Gunung Tempurung.

There are four cave exploration packages available for tourist. The shortest tour takes only about 45mins and the longest takes about 3 ½ hours. The tours consist of dry and wet. Dry tour will take you to see how nature has shaped magnificent sights that are over 400 million years old while the wet will take you through a short river adventure.

However for the river adventure you need to be ready to face the leeches and the scorpions but it goes by season therefore you do not need to worry as the guide will tell you the season beforehand. Additionally, on some parts of the river adventure you may have to crawl.

The fees for the tour packages range from as low as RM6.00 to RM22.00. All of the tour packages start at 9.00am but the last entrance for each tour is different. Gua Tempurung opens daily except for every Fridays.

The facilities are prepared to accommodate the needs of tourist such as ample parking space near cave entrance, food stalls, convenience store , handicraft and souvenir stall , toilets , changing rooms , surau (prayer rooms for Muslims) , reception and ticket counter.

Besides all this information, advice on what to bring and what not to bring is one of the important matter. As you all know , cave explorations makes you sweat and muddy therefore it is essential for tourist to bring extra clothing , towel and shoes to change.

There are neither shops nor malls nearby for tourist who forgotten to bring the essential stuff , so be prepared. Dress comfortably like cotton T-shirts with sweat pants , denim is not advisable as it obstruct movement.

Torchlight would come in handy at some places that is pitch black , gloves and knee-pad are highly recommended for the wet tour.

Camera and caving helmet are optional , however if you think there is a need to bring a camera , just bring the inexpensive ones and put it in watertight plastic or container. Bring mineral water and other personal small stuff in a bag pack

You may be all worn out after the cave explorations at Gua Tempurung, therefore it is advisable that you take a rest at a nearby hotel for a night to recharge your energy before you travel home.

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