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MALACCA is a fast developing state with its own historic attractions.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam has taken Malacca to greater heights.

Over the years, new museums have been opened and many projects to attract more visitors and foreign investment have either been completed or are in the midst of completion.

However, excessive land reclamation, including the man-made island of Pulau Melaka, is of concern.

One can see how far away the sea now with land reclamation from Padang Pahlawan right up to Mahkota Parade and Melaka Raya.

It will not be a surprise if reclamation proceeds further in the name of development.

Is inspection conducted on a regular basis by the state government on buildings built on reclaimed land to ensure their safety and the safety of the public?

Whether there will be underground soil movement or erosion, or water movement that may cause harm in future has yet to be established.

Malacca’s proximity to Sumatra and possible impact from earthquakes is also cause for concern.

The Pulau Melaka project is ongoing, and the state government has decided to erect a 85m tall ferris wheel from China on it.

Again, the issue that needs to be addressed is the safety of the public.

During weekends, public holidays and school holidays, traffic is very heavy especially on the roads leading to Padang Pahlawan, Mahkota Parade, Jalan Bendahara, Jonker Walk and Jalan Bunga Raya.

To make it worse, Majlis Perbandaran Melaka inposes charges for parking during the weekends, too.

This does not help Malaccans who wish to spend quality time with their families and children.

Malacca also needs to improve its transportation system to complement the current town buses, taxis etc.

Malacca needs a light rail train (LRT) system to reduce the number of cars on the road during weekends.

I hope the state government takes into consideration our concerns before embarking on projects centred at one common area such as Mahkota Parade and Melaka Raya which may benefit the state but bring hardship to Malaccans.


Kuala Lumpur.

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