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When we first started this website, we concentrated on developing its content and that was largely the information and pictures pertaining to all the operators registered with us. We also had to focus on building the site with the essential features that would make it user friendly and serve its main purpose of promoting the accommodation businesses of our operators.

Slightly more than 2 months down the line, we realized that we have to provide more in this website. We want people to visit our site and browse its contents but we also want them to stay on. Since most of us love stories, we decided that we would include a Blog Roll from now on. This Blog will be an avenue for us to tell the stories of our operators, who are the people behind all the home based accommodation found on this website. When you book a room or a house here, it is essentially a stay in someone’s home and we want to tell you about the person in these homes. In a way, this kind of accommodation is more personal than a usual hotel and therefore, these are their personal stories and insights. We will also include the operators’ stories of their memorable customers and if we have the chance, even interviews with the customers themselves. We may also include articles about tourism in Melaka and share news of popular food outlets, entertainment and tourism products. In short, we plan to make this as interesting as possible!

We also want this blog to be a place where people can express themselves and exchange ideas and in this respect, we welcome feedback from you. Your feedback and ideas are important to us and we encourage you to email us. Your emails will not be reproduced here but more likely be studied, distilled and used as valuable input in future articles. This will be a bi-lingual blog with Bahasa Malaysia and English posts. For our visitors who wish to read them in other languages, you can use the automatic translator function.


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Linda Phua Sue Lin

Chief Executive Officer

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