Cuisine in Melaka


It is very heartening to see that our Tourism Melaka Web Portal site at has received more than 900,000 visitors. This historic mark was breached 3rd. March 2011.

Started in 2001 as a web portal to “Bring Malaccans Together and Malacca to the World”, began slowly. However, as the years go by, more and more visitors logged into our site as they searched for “Melaka” or “Tourism Melaka”.

For 2 years, our website was selected by Tourism Malaysia website as the site to promote Melaka. This helped in increasing our web presence before Tourism Malaysia revised their official website.

In July 2008, Melaka was announced to the world as a UNESCO World Heritage City together with Georgetown in Penang. This further boosted our web visitors and worldwide interest.

To date, about 500 visitors per day come to our front page at before going into our content websites for details about Melaka. We expect to reach our next target of 1,000,000 visitors in September or October 2011.

We welcome our visitors to our web portal site and for your continuous support in visiting Melaka and our websites.

Thank you.

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