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Malacca’s biggest real estate project


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NextLastMalacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam MALACCA: The biggest mixed-development project in the state, which will see the birth of uniquely themed icons that will change the landscape of the Historical City, was launched here on Saturday

The RM2 billion Hatten City project in Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz in Banda Hilir was launched by Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam.

The development will be undertaken by Singapore-based Hatten Group.

With a gross area of eight million square feet in an eight-hectare plot, the project will also feature the tallest building in the state, 45-storey high with a 360-degree viewing sky deck.

Speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony, Ali said the biggest real estate project in the state would combine heritage and futuristic elements.

“The Hatten City is poised to be the state’s most iconic development that portrays futuristic and chic innovations, injects fun, excitement and vibrancy.

“The mixed-development project comprises retail units, residences (condominiums), international hotels, office tower, resort and shopping complex,” he said.

Also present were Hatten Group chairman Datuk Eric Tan Eng Huat, chief executive officer Edwin Tan Ping Huang and managing director Colin Tan Juen Teng.

Hatten City is the third development project for the Hatten Group, which is known for its development of the Dataran Pahlawan shopping mall that draws millions of visitors each year.

“This new icon, which is expected to be completed in the next eight years in two parcels, will transform Malacca,” said Juen Teng.

“Parcel I, which rests on two hectares, will include the Elements mall which will share the same building with two international hotel chains.

“This parcel is further made extravagant with Silverscape, the highest condominium towers with 45 storeys in the heart of the city and facing the Straits of Malacca,” said Juen Teng.

Work on the Elements mall will begin this year and be completed in three years.

“It will be a mix of our past heritage and high fashion, where the dramatic history of Malacca is tastefully recreated for our convenience.

“You can walk down the ‘Time Tunnel’ and indulge in 500 years of history of the state, all in cool comfort and ambience, while bringing you back to the past with the many mini replicas of famous historical sites such as Stadhuys, A Famosa and also the well sought after diversified cultural displays of the Baba Nyonya, Portuguese, Malays, Chinese and Indians.

“Elements mall is an inspiring blend of retail and recreation, comprises eight retail floors, with each floor dedicated to a particular segment of fashion or arts and crafts.

“Elements is inspired by the famous Korean fashion hubs concept, Dongdaemun and Namdaemun, and offers high fashion concepts, housing both local and international brands, spanning five levels from the ground floor with 830 retail units.”

On Silverscape, Juen Teng said the high-end residence that occupies two of the four tower blocks that make up Parcel I, offered luxury living fronting the sea.

“Spacious yet intimate, each unit at Silverscape beckons with concept and style. Silverscape sits directly above the Elements mall, towering over the Malacca city centre and rises to the pinnacle.

As for Parcel II, which will sit on 4.7ha of reclaimed land, Juen Teng said it promises breathtaking premium sea front living condominiums and private villas with a contemporary business zone to combine work and play.

“Parcel II would also be complemented with Troadwalle, a luxury shopping haven for premium fashion brands from across the globe and Malacca’s very first open sky deck clubhouse.

“This would truly be the only one place where you can unwind, indulge, explore, invest and grow,” he said, adding that work on Parcel II would start in 2014 and would be completed by 2019.

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