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Farewell My Concubine!

August 5, 2011 at 2:00 pm

Farewell My Concubine! is a famous Chinese Peking opera which is set at the end of the Qin Dynasty. The ruling emperor during that time, Emperor Er-shi, has lost control of his nation. The people who have been oppressed for a long time, senses his vulnerability and has joined forces with the rebels against this evil ruler. In this time of chaos, a few individuals have taken the opportunity to try to win the nation for themselves. Among these individuals are two great military leaders: Xiang Yu, the King of Chu, and Liu Bang, the King of Han.

While engaging in a crucial battle with Liu Bang, Xiang Yu found himself caught in a dire situation. With supplies running dangerously low for his troops, the team is further demotivated when they hear their native song being sung by the enemies that are surrounding them. They become convinced that their homeland has been occupied and their fellow countrymen have joined sides with Liu Bang. Feeling that his end is near, Xiang Yu beckons to his favourite concubine, Yu Ji and drinks with her for the last time. Yu Ji performs one last dance for him before committing suicide. Filled with grief, Xiang Yu fights down to the very last man before taking his own life.

Leslie Cheung

The late Leslie Cheung played the role of a Beijing opera star, Cheng Dieyi. The film was awarded the highest prize during the 1993 Cannes Film Festival, the Palme d’Or.

This well-loved Chinese classic will be performed at The Actors Studio @ Lot 10 by Lee Wushu Art Workshop. Yu Ji’s passion and her undying love for Xiang Yu has greatly inspired Lee Swee Seng, the choreographer for this production. Lee is the founder of this arts theatre as well as the company’s Wushu director. Lee has been in this field for the last 15 years. Himself a winner of numerous tournaments and other titles, Lee soon realised that he should not be limited by martial arts and chose to expand his talent into dancing and Chinese opera. He later introduced integrated elements of all sorts into his Wushu arts theatre.

Farewell My Concubine! is scheduled to perform at The Actors Studio @ Lot 10 on the 26th till 28th August 2011. Tickets are priced at RM 35 for adults and RM 23 for student and disabled. Below are the performance time:

26th August 2011 @ 8.30 pm
27th August 2011 @ 3.00 pm and 8.30 pm
28th August 2011 @ 3.00 pm

For more information, please call 03 2142 2009 / 2143 2009 or log on to

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