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Ramadhan Bazaar No. 3

Secret recipes revealed!

1. Roti Metro

Roti Metro

Fluffy Roti Metro

Also known as Roti Kembung. Its recipe is very similar to the usual bread/bun, but it needs to be rolled thinly using a rolling pin.

It should be turned around often so it will become ‘kembung’ (fluffy). Can even be dipped into any types of curry. It’s nostalgic, cheap (only RM1) and rarely found. 



2. Ayam Tempayan

Ayam Tempayan

Yummy Ayam Tempayan

There is a ‘tungku’ (stove) inside the ‘tempayan’ (giant claypot). The chicken is marinated using sate-like sauce (revealed by the stall owner, Fikri), and is hanged inside the tempayan.

The difference between Ayam Tempayan and Ayam Percik / Ayam Golek,  is, it is healthier (uses gas) and the meat is not dry. Price per chicken is RM16, half is RM8.

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