Cuisine in Melaka


A new 16 floors Heritage Hotel is now being constructed opposite Equatorial Hotel, Melaka.

As the location is in the buffer zone and outside the heritage zone area,the developer can build 16 floors instead of 8 floors.

Seems Melaka is getting a lot of investments in boutique hotels, 5 star hotels and budget hotels lately. Competition for hotel guests will surely mount and hoteliers must be innovative to attract guests otherwise there will be empty rooms instead.

More festivals and cultural events must be organised professional so that Melaka can attract long staying visitors. Brazil has her Annual Samba festival that draws millions to her shores. In Italy, Venice holds her Venetian Festival annually for locals and guests.

Melaka can use her various cultures, music, dances and food to draw in crowds annually or half yearly. For this to happen, the Melaka state government must work hand in hand with hoteliers, tour agencies, cultural troupes, community organisations and related agencies to make the festival a reality. More importantly, this festival must be held annually so that people remember the event.

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