Georgetown Festival

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Today is a final day of a Georgetown Festival celebrations that was function around a city area. The final dual days had seen thousands of people, both tourists and locals alike, brisk a city area to attend in a activities and informative performances that went on. Though not many informative performances are scheduled to occur today, we would not be astounded if we still find lots of tourists and locals unresolved around a city centre to locate any of today’s events.

Georgetown Festival 2011

The Church of a Assumption was a initial assembly indicate for a initial ‘Living Museum’ tour.

According to my already worn-down booklet, there is another Indian Muslim Cultural Celebration that would occur around a Kapitan Kling Mosque area. After examination Chinese, Indian and Malay informative performances hold over a initial dual days, we suspicion it would be engaging to see what accurately a Indian Muslim village is all about here in Penang. Today, this village celebrates their grant to a city’s birthright by hosting a day-long programme of sorts for everybody to see. Some of a events that a people can demeanour brazen to throwing enclosed a teh tarik competition, interactive demonstrations of Indian Muslim cuisine and many more. There was also a ‘Pallanguli’ Competition hold within a premises of a Kapitan Kling Mosque. If we are wondering what ‘Pallanguli’ is, there will be a brief reason about a diversion after in this article.

Georgetown Festival 2011

This residence indicates that this building is partial of a Sun Yat Sen Heritage Trail tour.

Other than a Indian Muslim Cultural Celebration, there was also a debate that will move we to a Protestant Cemetery located along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah. This tomb is a final resting place for some of Penang’s European pioneers such as Sir Francis Light and James Scott. There were also dual other tours, a George Town Shophouse Trail and a Sun Yat Sen Heritage Trail in Penang, that was also open to a public. The one that hold my imagination was The Living Museum: Sharing Our Stories tour. According to one of a facilitators, this year was a initial time that a Georgetown World Heritage Incorporation experimented with such a tour.

Georgetown Festival 2011

Ms Anne Cutter relating one of her childhood stories to an courteous assembly during a tour.

Under this Living Museums tour, 6 opposite houses from opposite informative credentials were done accessible for a open to participate. Members of a open can select to possibly attend a morning event or go for a afternoon session. Participants of this debate would afterwards be taken to a participating family’s residence for a private pity session. As one chairman can usually join one speak during a time for any session, we opted to join a initial and a third session.

Georgetown Festival 2011

A job label is placed on a butterfly’s wings should they confirm to come and compensate a revisit when we are not around.

The initial event was hosted by Ms Anne Cutter. She is a late propagandize clergyman and has been staying in a same residence for over half a century! She associated her story of how her ancestors came and staid down in Penang. She also showed us some of her cherished photographs – cinema of her relatives during their wedding, a design of her good grandmother who was a Thai princess and many more. She recounted how opposite a village was when she was staying there as a child with her other siblings. She was also kind adequate to uncover us a rest of her house, including her bedroom. Back in a kitchen, Ms Cutter had already put on arrangement some of a apparatus that her relatives used to own, like a singular looking moth mount and a normal coffee grinder. The design of that residence is simply astounding, a monument in these complicated times. Everything in a residence is well-maintained, right down to a wooden flooring that is still being used. Ms Cutter resides there with her elder sister now as many of her siblings have migrated to overseas.

Georgetown Festival 2011

The participants of a Living Museums – Christmas during Argus Lane tour.

At a finish of a initial session, we motionless to make my approach to a Kapitan Kling Mosque, anticipating to locate some engaging information on some of a things that will be exhibited. When we arrived during a area, many of them were in a midst of scheming some of a tasty food that will be served to a throng after in a evening. As we was examination one lady blending in a mixture for a opposite form of prosaic bread, we exchanged a few difference about food and a similarities. It is always engaging to note that no matter what foe or informative credentials one is from, there are topics like food that never destroy to move dual strangers together.

Georgetown Festival 2011

These women are blending a mixture for a normal Indian Muslim form of flatbread famous as ‘Arasi Roti’.

Remember when we pronounced that there was a ‘Pallanguli’ foe that was being hold within a mosque? Well, ‘Pallanguli’ is a diversion mostly played by Tamil women. It is done adult of a residence with 14 cups and is played with dual people. Each actor takes a spin in fixation 6 seeds into any cup. The actor that is starting initial will collect adult a seeds from any of her holes and, relocating anti-clockwise will start to place one seed in any hole. This step is steady until she runs out of seeds. There are manners and regulations to personification this game, something that we will not go into full details. Needless to say, it was fun examination these women play in a ‘Pallanguli’ competition. Somehow, it reminded me of another internal diversion famous as ‘Congkak’.

Georgetown Festival 2011

Two women competing opposite any other in a ‘Pallanguli’ Competition.

The second event of a ‘Living Museums’ debate was ostensible to start during 3.30 pm. We were told to wait in front of a Sri Mahamariamman Temple along Queen Street. The Chettiar residence that we will be visiting was located not distant divided from a temple. The Chettiar residence that we will be visiting was hosted by Mr. S.P. Lakshmanan. In his normal Chettiar office, he had posted adult cinema of his ancestors as good as people from a Chettiar village for us to review and understand. There were also some really engaging bureau equipment, like a Mejai Petti that is still in use. In a aged days, it was a normal character of a Chettiars to lay on a building and used these tilted tip desks as a essay desk. All of their critical and required papers were also kept within a box. Those days, many of a employees also make a bureau their home. Therefore, many of a prolonged tables were block and stout as it also doubled as their beds during night. Mats were used for them to nap on, and during a day time these mats were rolled and kept in a dangling cell on tip of a wall and out of steer from their customers.

Georgetown Festival 2011

Mr S.P. Lakshmanan arrangement one of a participants one of a aged batch marketplace reports that he still keeps.

There were also annual reports and batch sell books dating all a approach to 1963 being put on arrangement as good as some strange Chettiar papers that were not accessible due to confidentiality issues. Mr S.P. Lakshmanan also introduced to us one of a initial photocopying machines famous as a Nagal machine. This ancient looking device could usually make one duplicate from a strange request during one time! Imagine how vapid it contingency have been for them to make copies of their grave letters during those days! Mr S.P. Lakshmanan also gave us a private debate of his bureau that was located upstairs and explained in fact a work that they do these days.

Georgetown Festival 2011

Participants of a Living Museum – A Traditional Chettiar House tour.

At a finish of a ‘Living Museum’ session, we headed behind to a muster area around Kapitan Kling Mosque. My initial suspicion was to sketch some of a tasty food that we saw being prepared progressing in a day. Unfortunately, there were too many people backing adult to representation all a giveaway food that was being given out to a open for sampling! It was a charge to indeed fist into an accessible space in between lines, let alone take some shots during a food that was being handed out. we finished adult walking around a area and looking during some of a other stalls that were not giving out giveaway food. Though on a leaflet it sounded like there were many things to do, in tangible fact a informative muster seemed kind of tiny to me. The categorical thing is that we enjoyed each bit of it and am looking brazen to experiencing it again subsequent year.

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