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Lata Tembakah (Tembakah Waterfall)

“Nice place, good sceneries, cooling, also good to swim but if you’re lucky, you can see human “Keropok Leko” passes by along the river.”  
by Wahida

“that place very beautiful n many people can go.after that,the place have many facilities and that host very friendly”  
by azila

“A place that are good to organize camping but there’s no electricity supplies in the night and the whole area in dark till you can’t see your hands. At the back of the camp site have a big hole for you to dump the rubbishs. The water of there is clean and of course at the back of the waterfall have whirlpool , so please be awareness
if you are planning to swim at there.Feel free to mail me for more details. “
by Shi Jian

“Very nice, clean and clear water waterfall!”  
by Eldy

“its a good place in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  
by afzan

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