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The best way to lose weight is to close your mouth” Edward Koch


No need to enrol in The Biggest Loser and suffer the wrath of Drill Sargeant Jillian Michaels or her likes either – Ramadhan is an effective way to lose weight, provided that one doesn’t overindulge during break fasting that is. Having said that, however, there are some cases when the waistline gets even more expanded during Ramadhan.

Reason being?

Well, how could it not be the case, when upon dusk, one eats like there’s no tomorrow. Then eat again after the terawih prayers and then again all night long until almost dawn, and not doing any exercises or workouts during the day, even light ones.

If the cycle goes on like that for the whole month – it doesn’t take a genius to wonder why the kilos keep piling up.

Traffic jams. Someone bumped into you and send everything flying everywhere. Scolded by the boss for coming in late (yet again) – these are just some of the things that could send one into the state of explosion.

Fasting teaches one to be patient, that there are things that are not worth getting mad and upset for, no matter how bad they look at the time. It’s just like anger management, and all one needs to do is not eating and practise restraining and controlling the emotion.

That sure beats spending lots of money going to psychiatrists and psychologists alike, for sure.

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