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24th. August 2011

Today is a milestone for our Tourism Melaka web portal site as the number of visitors to date reached 1,000,367.

We reached this important figure on 24th. August 2011. We started our website in 2001 as a website to promote Melaka, our home state. Visitors to our site started off slowly but two years later, our website was selected by Tourism Malaysia as the website to feature Melaka. Visitors started to visit our site since then. When Tourism Malaysia revamped their website, visitors still visited our site for information and news.

The next boost was when Melaka was declared a World Heritage Site under UNESCO in July 2008. Since then, visitors tend to search our site for news, developments, events and deals in Melaka.

From 2001 to December 31st. 2006, we received 250,000 visitors over 5 years. But from 1.1.2007 until 24.8.2011, 750,367 visitors graced our site, thus overtaking the 1 Million figure.

We at Tourism Melaka web portal will like to express our appreciation to all our visitors, both local and overseas, for visiting our website. Your support has given us the inspiration to strive higher. We want to continuously update and inform you about happenings in Melaka as and when they occur.

For your part, we want you to email us suggestions, ideas, comments (good and bad) and feedback so that these suggestions and comments can be read by citizens of Melaka including the government agencies. Without constant feedback and suggestion, we cannot improve ourselves.

A Big Thank you to all for your support and do come to Melaka over and over again if you have the opportunity and time.

Melaka is for all the citizens of the world for generations to come.

Tourism Melaka Web Portal Team

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