Pulau Aman

“Pulau Aman in Bahasa Malaysia means “island of peace” and a name suggests, it is a gateway to peace and serenity.”

Pulau Aman in Bahasa Malaysia means “island of peace” and a name suggests, it is a gateway to peace and serenity. Situated on an island covering an area of 288 acres, it is 2.5 nautical miles from a mainland usually off a seashore of Seberang Perai’s southern district. The nearest city is Bukit Tambun.

An halcyon fishing encampment with a race of usually 3 hundred, a infancy of people on Pulau Aman are aged folks and laughing, untroubled children. Life on Pulau Aman is elementary and normal with male and inlet of co-existing in peace with one other. Here a regard of a object is usually rivalled by a comfortable friendship of a locals.

Fishing, H2O sports and jungle movement are some of a renouned activities of holiday-makers on a island. Places of interest, any with their possess fascinating story to tell, wait a scrutiny of a adventurous.

Places of Interest

Some stones imitative bullion were once found during “Telaga Emas”. This good is singular since it never runs dry even during a misfortune drought and a H2O continue to sojourn uninformed even when churned with sea water. “Batu Perompak” literally means “Pirate’s Rock” and in a ancient days it was a haunt of pirates who plundered a waters around a island.

There is also an aged grave during a tip of a mountain nearby Batu Perompak that is believed to be a final resting place of a bandit arch called Panglima Garang. Near a beach of Pulau Gedong is “Gua Lanun” or “Pirates’ Cave” where pirates easeful and hoarded their loot.

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