September, 2011:

Fusion of Passion

September 29, 2011 during 12:00 pm

This year’s Malaysia Day was distinguished on a grand scale, distinct a years before. Various activities were hold by many organisations, including state and a sovereign governments, as good as other entities, all joined in a jubilee of a nation that we live in. Chief among a celebrations was MASiF 2011 – a Music, Arts, Style, International Festival – during Suria KLCC. Among a highlights of a festival was an art muster during Galeri Petronas that has recently come to a tighten entitled Fusion of Passion.

Fusion of Passion

Chin Wan Kee – Beyond Mind and Words Series No 29

Fusion of Passion

Tew Nai Tong – Happy Life

Fusion of Passion

Clement Ooi Kit Meng – Together

So for those of we who were not in Kuala Lumpur during this year’s Malaysia Day and missed out on a exhibition, here is what Fusion of Passion was all about. The muster is a reverence to a farrago of a nation and to uncover how differences can be distinguished and not feared. The muster strove to accumulate a series of artists and design fabricated within one gallery to symbolize a alloy of several passions, and a farrago of artistic passion was shown in a abyss of a works of excellent art, sculpture, photography and illustration. Both determined masters and rising artists were given equal event to showcase their work, so that a assembly would improved conclude a loyal value of a country.

Fusion of Passion

Izzati Shahrin – Dua Tiga Kucing Berlari, Mana Nak Sama Tikus Seorang

Fusion of Passion

Amiruddin Ariffin – Cosmic Symphony Series III

Fusion of Passion

Carlyn Chua Yuin Lim – Deafening Lights

The farrago of art in a muster acted as a thoughtfulness of what it means to be Malaysian, a honour and pride, and a possess interpretation of what creates us Malaysians. Each work of art in a muster is an countenance of a artist’s feelings and views towards Malaysia. This is engaging as it mirrors a notice about associate Malaysians, as there will be times when we remonstrate with a artist’s vision, though there will really be times when we share and emphatise with what we see. The muster strives to use art to move an bargain in ourselves about a multitude we live in, and a people we share this nation with.

Fusion of Passion

Cindy Koh – Symbiosis III

Fusion of Passion

Jasmine Kok – Silver Bloom

Fusion of Passion

Rasid Yusof – Malaysian Interior 2

And nonetheless there is a deeper definition in this exhibition, a many opposite pieces that make adult this collection come together to emanate a agreeable and pleasing knowledge even for those of us who feel we do not know art.

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FUSED during The Actors Studio

September 29, 2011 during 2:00 pm

The Actors’ Studio ends a month of Sep with FUSED, an initial behaving humanities series. FUSED will run from 29th Sep compartment 2nd October, and any night will offer something opposite in terms of artists, ideas and performances.

Here is what’s lined adult for this book of FUSED:

29 Sep – BACA: Rehearsed Reading
Is reading only reading? You’ll learn there’s some-more to a oral word during this small experiment. A rehearsed reading array focused on internal plays that have nonetheless been staged, baca serves as a height for playwrights to showcase their scripts, as good as a hide look to entertainment for a public. baca, ‘where we make scripts come alive’, is one of a projects helmed by The Actors Studio’s Actor in-Residence, Inessa Irdayanty.

Baca: 2 by 3
1. Apple Mint Jelly on Burnt Toast by Adeline Ong
2. Pabila Bulan Mengambang by Adeline Ong
3. Either/Or by Joshua Chong
4. Pastikan Lorong Anda by Joshua Chong
5. One for a Road by Nandang Abdul Rahman
6. Sudah Makan? by Nandang Abdul Rahman

FUSED during The Actors Studio

BACA – Rehearsed Readings during The Actors Studio

30 Sep – Strumming to a opposite beat: The Electronic Issue

Electric is in, during slightest on 30th Sep when guitarists all barter their acoustic guitars for electric. Be prepared for some engaging sounds as a riffs of electric guitars combine with some-more informed sounds of a keyboard, wail and saxophone.

Kuning Sudar (Tears for Alaska), Phang, Tan Hwang (Citizens of Ice Cream), Brendan Angelo (Tic), Fadil (The Great Metropolitan Expressway) Fairus (Blur) on visuals

1 Oct – MyDance Alliance presents Dancebox

Dancebox offers a total package of initial dance to a assembly during The Actors’ Studio this October. This time around, a box is set to offer something some-more spontaneous nonetheless entertaining, while maintaining a possess singular temperament from prior offerings of bellydancing, ballet, Latin and butoh. Let’s open this box and find out what’s in store this October!

2 Oct – We Are Malaysian Made Movies

It’s film time with a slight turn this 2nd Oct with WAMM screenings. Known for screening things that never ends adult on internal TV or a cinema, and with a gusto of removing news about things that trip by internal publications, WAMM will shade dual brief films this time around.

“Love and Luksaah” by Mei (A Malaysian in New Zealand)
A finalist for Best Short Film in a Asian 1st Films Festival 2009 in Singapore, this is a story about dual men, a girl, and laksa, lots of it.

“Damaged Kung Fu” by Juliane Block (A German who creates films in Malaysia) *Debut Screening
The film will entrance during a Actors’ Studio and offer a assembly an movement comedy satire reverence to days of Bruce Lee.

Oh yes, that’s not all for a night, as WAMM will also underline a internal rope with a really engaging name, Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob. Formed on 25th Nov 2009, a band’s line adult includes womanlike vocalist Esty Richards, Jared Lee and his hermit Lee Wei Chen on guitar and drum respectively, followed by Anthony Lee on lead guitar and JC Lam on drums.

All performances start during 8:30 pm and takes place during The Actors’ Studio @ Lot10. Entry is by concession of a smallest of RM10.

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Tourism Melaka is doing our first survey on the tourism products and services in Melaka.

Please take some time to participate in this survey. You can be rewarded with a Day tour from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka by Tourism Melaka.

Click here to participate in our first Tourism Melaka survey.


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Kota Lukut

“Firstly, there are dual vivid mistakes in a essay on Kuala Lukut.

1) Raja Busu and his family were apparently NOT killed in 1934 – it was in Sep 1834. And it was not a strife with internal Chinese tip multitude members. His home was pounded and burnt by about 300-400 typical Chinese miners who were indignant that he had lifted a tin levy to 10 per cent.

2) Raja Jumaat did NOT build this installation a small after his attainment in Lukut. Raja Jumaat indeed arrived in Lukut in 1836, though it was usually in 1846 when he was strictly allocated as a Sultan’s deputy there, and a installation was built shortly after that.

Finally, we competence like to note that there is a Museum Complex nearby a installation with many exhibits and displays about a area. Of all a museums we have visited in Malaysia, a staff here were positively a many friendly, a many useful and a many associating museum staff we have met. Well finished to them!”  
by Sabri Zain

“”Walaupun ia kini tinggal hanyalah sebuah kawasan lapang bersama kesan-kesan kegemilangan silamnya sahaja, pada pendapat saya, itu tidak mengapa. Kita hanya mahu menunjuk dan mempamirkan tempat2 dan kazanah2 serta bahan2 serta tempat2 bersejarah, kapada generasi2 baru, supaya mereka tahu “The History Of Malaya.””  
by makcikjamilah

“ok la”  
by nazli

“Walaupun dulu ia merupakan kawasan perlombongan yang utama di negara ini, namun apa yang tinggal kini hanyalah sebuah kawasan lapang bersama kesan-kesan kegemilangan silamnya. “  
by Boys r me

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The Secret Life of Nora

September 28, 2011 during 12:00 pm

Istana Budaya’s play for Oct starts early, starting on on a 29th of Sep 2011. The play, entitled The Secret Life of Nora, offers an engaging grounds and combines several iconic elements of a Malaysian 60s, including a low-pitched theatre, outlandish 60s outfits and attitudes, and a singular Malaysian brew of easterly and west popularised by Malaysian icons such as P Ramlee and Saloma. The play also adds a lurch of general intrigue, and manages to marry together a stream amicable emanate with a attempted and tested womanlike fatale view judgment to furnish what promises to be a charming and interesting low-pitched spectacle.

The Secret Life of NORA

The Secret Life of NORA

The play is set in a charming epoch of a 60s and focuses on a life of a immature lady named Nora. The immature lady shortly discovers there is many some-more to life than what glitters, and is thrown into a web of bootleg activities, an hapless bequest of her defunct father, that leads her to strike a discount with Interpol to spin a view for a group to save herself and her theatre.

Being a abounding and spoilt dancer, Nora of march knows zero about espionage and her training during a hands of Ashok, Interpol’s best spy, sets a stage for some of a play’s many noted moments. Will sparks fly between these dual sum opposites? Of march they will. But how will all spin out for Nora? Find out this Oct during Istana Budaya.

For some-more information, greatfully revisit a Istana Budaya’s central website.

Photo (c) Enfiniti Productions

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