Baram Regatta Marudi 2011



The Baram Regatta

The categorical design of a Baram Regatta was to surrogate for aged bloody-feuds and to convince a tribes to assist a supervision in gripping a peace.  To conceal fighting and head-hunting, a Resident of Baram, Charles Hose orderly an annual competition for a war-canoes of all a villagers to be hold in Apr 1899.  All a longhouses in a Baram and Tinjar were informed.  They enclosed a Kenyahs of a Baram, a Lirongs of a Tinjar and Madangs of a executive highlands as good as a series of Ibans.


On 6th Apr 1899, about 5 thousand people from Baram and a Madang was encamped between a Resident’s bungalow and Fort Hose.  The Ibans took adult buliding in a prolonged quarrel of Chinamen’s emporium in Marudi town.  The Tinjar Lirongs arrived after sunset.  They were dressed in full fight attires in their fight canoes and on attainment a Lirongs rushed adult a mountain to conflict a Kenyahs in a ridicule battle.  After a clash, everybody staid down sensitively for a night.


On daylight of 7th Apr 1899, all a people fabricated in a proxy discussion gymnasium built with palm leaves.  The Baram chiefs sat on a prolonged height on one side of a gymnasium while a Tinjar group on a oter.  The Resident placed himself in a middle.  The dual parties exchanged messages and presents and a good vessel competition was announced to take place on 8th Apr 1899.


At daylight of a regatta twenty racing boats from all a longhouses were brought to a starting indicate for miles upland from a Fort.  Each vessel lift between sixty t seventy men, sitting dual abreast.  At a sound of a gun, a twenty boats leaped by a water.  Soon, dual boats drew out in a front with a grand neck-to-neck race.  The leader was a organisation of pacific downriver folks who schooled vessel creation from a Malays of a coast.  The crowds on a bank behaved in good amusement and forgot their feuds in a seductiveness of racing.


As of today the regatta, with all a attraction, was not only a small jubilee though underneath a glamorous masquerade a bold immature paddlers from all over Baram district will accumulate here in Marudi to competed in this stirring 3days vessel races. This BARAM REGATTA will always be remembered as a ancestral stress of a fiesta. 


Held once any dual years, Baram Regatta, fills with fad and celebrations, is a thoughtfulness of a Baram’s charming past and carries with it informative and chronological significance. Colourful flashy prolonged boats perplexing to out run any other in a Baram river, braggadocio a competence of both a rowers and peculiarity of their crafts.  For Baram Regatta 2011, a organizer has line out engaging module such as speed vessel race, informative shows, Baram Idol, beauty pageants, exhibitions and many more. 


So see we there!!


(Resources:  A Guide to Baram Regional Museum, Fort Hose, Marudi, Sarawak)

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