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Muara Ikan Bakar, Tanjung Harapan

“My family frequent this place for our weekend dinner outings as it is soo accessible from PJ. Nothing like having seafood by the sea itself, the sea breeze, sunset, the passing boats, the gentle sounds of the waves etc. Suddenly around 8pm the serenity is completely overwhelmed by the loud live music.

“Verry Good!! Brilliant place, service very excellent and batter each time, sure u puas hati”  
by Fauzi

“The idea of the place is brilliant. The food is excellent and the services are getting better each time I go there. Just tht, there’s not enuff signages leading to the plc. “  

“Can u please let me know the direction to there? I really want to go there”  

“The nasi lemak is great, the ambience dining at the seaside is romantic and cooling while the ikan bakar is fresh.

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