September 13th, 2011:


Manage to attract about 12-150 participants / exhibitors form a cat clubs affliated with a Cat Franciers Association (CFA) in Sarawak, Sabah and Asia Country togahter with a entertainment of about 125-225 cats of several pedigrees to be competed. The eventuality will includes activities such as, Pediree an domicile Cats muster and competition, Cat associated competitions, Cat imagination dress, Cat-Decorated Cages competition, Cats talk, Cat Bazaar, Cat Dance opening and others.

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Perlis State Aidilfitri Open House

The Very Honourable Menteri Besar (Cheif Minister) of Perlis and a state supervision invites everybody to a State’s Aidilfitri Open residence during Stadium Utama Negeri Perlis, Kangar on 16 Sep 2011.

For some-more information on a event, greatfully visit:

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MyDance Festival 2011

September 11, 2011 during 12:00 pm

MyDance Festival, that is being hold for a fourth time, is holding place this September. The fourth book spans for 3 weeks and facilities a brew of contemporary and normal dance performances. There are also workshops for those who conclude dance, including latin and ballroom dance, artistic transformation for kids, joget gamelan lantai, and acroyoga, that is a multiple of exercices and yoga movements.

The second week of a festival will underline performances from rising and eccentric Malaysian dancers during The Actors Studio during Lot 10. These performances will take place between 15th and 18th Sep and are separate into dual programs, Program A that will be on 15th and 16th, featuring Suhaili Micheline, JS Dance Theatre, Khairulazhar Mohtar, Raymond Liew, Naim Syahrazad and Chai Vivan. Program B is on 17th and 18th September, and facilities Lee Wushu Arts Theatre, Nurulakmal Abdul Wahid, Kathyn Tan Chai Chen, Alla Azura Abas, Mohd Hanafi bin Rosdi and Judimar Hernandez. All performances start during 8:30 pm.

Chai Vivian

Chai Vivian will be behaving on a 15th and 16th of Sep for a MyDance Festival 2011

Week 3 focuses on general artists and includes contemporary dance performances by groups from a Asia-Pacific segment such as T.H.E. Dance Company, Singapore, destined by Kuik Swee Boon, Focus Dance Company, Taiwan National University of a Arts, Taiwan, Daniel Jaber and dancers, Australia as good as VOU, Fiji. They will perform from 22nd compartment 24 Sep 2011 during a Malaysia Tourism Centre, Jalan Ampang. Perfomance starts during 8:30 pm.

Two groups will also perform during a Auditorium DBKL from 22nd to 25th September. They are Sutra Dance Theatre and Battery Dance Company, New York. The festival will hang adult with a shutting rite on 25 Sep during a Malaysia Tourism Centre.

For serve information, do revisit a MyDance Festival website.

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The Story of Adam and Eve: It’s All About You

September 12, 2011 during 4:00 pm

Almost everybody is informed with a story of Adam and Eve, who are regarded as a initial humans to ever travel a earth. Their story is one about a beauty of a elementary basic life. All by a ages, people have wondered and illusory what life was like for these two, and what a universe looked like by their eyes. According to a Bible and a Quran, Adam and Eve lived in paradise, a state of nearby soundness that we all invariably essay for. And a one doubt people mostly ask themselves per this story is what would we do if we had been possibly Adam and Eve?

The Story of Adam and Eve: It's All About You

The Story of Adam and Eve: It’s All About You

Come 12th September, a story of Adam and Eve will be explored by a low-pitched square by Romanna Entertainment. Entitled The Story of Adam and Eve: It’s All About You, this low-pitched square is a alloy of complicated and normal musi, accompanied by dance performances by a Romanna Dance Group, a organisation of over forty gifted dancers founded in 1998 and destined by Romanna. One engaging underline about this square is a Middle Eastern influence, by a use of instruments such as Daf, Taar, Tunbak as good as a Spanish guitar.

The musical, that presents a good famous story of adore and loss, is firm to mesmerize a assembly by a intepretation of these emotions and issues by dance movements and music. Tickets are labelled during RM 35 for all seats. Performance is scheduled to start during 8:15 pm during Pentas 2, klpac. The low-pitched is a one day opening function usually on 12th Sep 2011. For serve information or squeeze of tickets, call 03-4047 9000 or travel in to klpac during Sentul Park.

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Sarawak Regatta 2011

September 13, 2011 during 12:00 pm

Many civilisations are compared to rivers, from a strong Mesopotamia, with a twin rivers of a Euphrates and Tigris, to Egypt, and a Nile River. Rivers served as a categorical process of transportation, joining towns, cities and countries together. Though a significance of rivers might have waned with a appearance of atmosphere transport, there are many festivals and rituals that applaud a significance of rivers in a growth of tellurian civilisation.

Sarawak is a state of rivers, and is home to a longest stream in a country, a Rejang River. Rivers still play an critical purpose in travel in Sarawak, and also a collateral city, Kuching. As such, it comes as no warn that a city has a normal regatta that celebrates a Sarawak River that dates behind to a first of a Sarawak Kingdom by Captain James Brooke, a White Rajah.

Sarawak Regatta

Sarawak Regatta 2011

This normal regatta continues to be celebrated, and this year, a Sarawak Regatta 2011 will take place between 15th and 18th Sep during a Kuching Waterfront, Kuching. In serve to a several vessel races, including a King of a River competition, this year’s book will also underline a Wakeboard World Cup, a sporting activity that is same to surfboarding, despite with smaller surfs and smaller boards. All via a 4 days, there will also be several side events, from a common trade and food satisfactory and informative shows, to some-more engaging transport like a Malaysian qualification muster and a Sarawak Regatta 2011 Kebaya Queen beauty pageant.

For serve information, revisit a Sarawak Regatta 2011 website during

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