September 16th, 2011:

Sarawak Bird Race

To foster bird examination tourism in Sarawak and also a significance of bird refuge for ecology and environment. The Mini Bird Race is a “fun race” where teams of dual contest opposite any other in searching, identifying, and recording as many class of birds around a areas of Penrissen Range within a stipulated time. According to new observations, there is a list of 143 birds, that had been sighted in a area.

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Malaysia Day 2011

September 16, 2011 during 12:00 pm

Today is a 16th of Sep 2011, a 48th anniversary of a substructure of a association of Malaysia. Two decade ago, Malaysia Day was usually a footnote in a country’s common memory, a ancestral day that upheld though most ado. It was not even a sovereign holiday, until final year, when it was finally announced a holiday by a government.

Malaysia Day is rather interesting. If Tunku Abdul Rahman had his way, we would be celebrating Malaysia Day on 31st August, a day that bears some-more definition to a country, as it is also Merdeka Day. 31st Aug was not a date that usually Peninsular Malaysia gained independence, though also a date Sabah and Singapore announced theirs, on 31st Aug 1963. The date does not bear any stress for Sarawak as it announced a autonomy on 22nd Jul 1963. Tunku Abdul Rahman, who was a Prime Minister during that time, was famous to be a male who chose ancestral dates carefully, and as such had designed for a association of Malaysia to share a same date as Merdeka Day. As we all know, a date was deferred due to certain objections from Indonesia and a Philippines that were resolved by a referendum in Sabah and Sarawak. Thanks to them, we, for improved or for worse, applaud a first of a country, Malaysia, on a same date as a birthday of a owner of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew. For those who are not informed with a common story of Malaysia and Singapore, Singapore seceded from Malaysia in 1965, so giving that small bit of trivia a clarity of irony.

Malaysia Day 2011

Happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysians out there!

Anyhow, we positively have come a prolonged approach as a nation. Although it took scarcely 50 years for Malaysians to finally feel a need to applaud a first of a nation, a concentration on a investiture of Malaysia, as against to a jubilee of a independence, does uncover that a adults of Malaysia have come to perspective this republic that they were innate in as their own. We wish that another 50 or so years will move wealth and fun for this republic and a people.

Happy Malaysia Day 2011!

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MNS Nature Talk: Things Coming Ashore

September 16, 2011 during 2:00 pm

Malaysia is good famous for a wildlife, both on land and in a waters. While some-more eminent class like tigers and turtles are mostly improved famous to a public, obtuse famous animals also play critical roles in a ecosystem that they live in. One such quadruped is an peculiar looking fish called a mudskipper. Mudskippers are utterly common all around Malaysia, and vast numbers of these fishes can be seen happily gliding and skipping around a sand flats of a coastal regions of Malaysia. Many Malaysians do not give these creatures a second glance, nonetheless there has been renewed seductiveness in them in new years.


These mudskippers demeanour like a mini chronicle of a engulf monster!

The Malaysian Nature Society’s speak this Sep will underline a mudskipper. Entitled Things Coming Ashore, a speak will be hold on 18th Sep 2011 during a MNS HQ Auditorium. The speak starts during 2pm and will be conducted by Dr. Gianluca Polgar, who is now lecturing during a University of Malaya. Dr Gianluca is also operative on a plan per Malayan mangrove benthic food webs and mudskippers are one of his vital interests. As such he is also concerned in several projects per their ecology and evolution, in partnership with several investigate groups worldwide. Dr. Gianluca performed his Laurea grade in Natural Sciences (2004) and Ph.D. in Ecological sciences (2009) during a University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy.

Those who are meddlesome in attending this speak can hit Ilyas Sapiyan (email your full name and email residence to [email protected] or sms to 012-617 5870)

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Getting London bus back on the road

By Kelly Koh Ling Min
[email protected]
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One of the two London buses that used to take tourists on a tour of Malacca city that is being repaired at a cost of RM100,000. — Picture by Rasul Azli Samad
MALACCA: One of the two double-decker red tour buses which were brought here from London three years ago and temporarily placed in the State Transportation Museum would cost RM100,000 to be repaired.
However, it would not cost its owners, the Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal Council, a single sen as Mamee Double Decker (M) Bhd has come to the rescue.

The Malacca-based snacks maker is forking out the money needed to get the bus plying the roads of the historical city again as it takes tourists on tour.

Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal Council president Sapiah Haron said the repairs would take a month or two, depending on how soon the spare parts from London can be obtained.

The bus had been out of service and made a museum exhibit since last September.

The other bus, which is undergoing repairs at a workshop in Sungai Udang, is owned by the Malacca Historical City Council.

It is expected to resume operations soon.

The buses, which are also known as the Panorama Bus, were brought to Malacca from London in 2007 at a cost of RM200,000 each.

The London Bus, as they are known by locals here, started its services on Aug 14, 2007.

It makes 13 stops, including shopping and leisure areas. The buses are operated by Panorama Malacca Cultural Tourism Sdn Bhd.

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