Tourism Malaysia

National Stadium Bukit Jalil

“I still remember there was a match has been held there, Manchester United vs U23 Malaysia…..Glory glory Man Utd…”  
by LeBeau Labbie

“Still remember our PM Speech, “Malaysia is the peace country to hold any international sports event.” And from my opinion, the investment to build this million pretigious stadium could increase our country’s economy as it indirectly invite lot tourists to Malaysia.”  
by fuza

“Can’t you imagine that this Bukit Jalil used to be a rubber estates that had been demolished for this sport purposes. The plan of building this prestigious complex was started since 1970s. “  
by scalia

“I too wish to enrol my son in the Bukit Jalil Sports School and if anyone has their contact number and address it would be most appreciated. If you could kindly assist me here. Thank you.”  
by Jacquie

“a nice place to be but can be more productive other then just host tax free fair”  
by simon

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