September 20th, 2011:

Seremban Lake Garden

“This pleasant and impressively landscaped garden just a stone’s throw from the town centre provides welcome shade from the heat.”

Joggers will simply love the Seremban Lake Garden. With jogging tracks all around, this lake garden is not just your regular park. It has also been noted as one of the most picturesque gardens in Malaysia.

Scenic and always a welcoming sight in the heart of busy Seremban, the park’s landscaping is beautifully done and is suitable for families with children as the kids can have great fun at the playground there. For those looking for a relaxing and quiet time, the Seremban Lake Garden is also a wonderful place to lounge around with a good book!

This impressively landscaped garden is just a stone’s throw from the town centre. A variety of indigenous and exotic trees provide welcome shade throughout the day.

There are ample concrete benches overlooking the lake where visitors can sit back and enjoy the evening breeze. There are also jogging tracks for the more energetic, while children can frolic in the playground. Nearby, there are covered food stalls serving local fare.

Last viewed – September 20, 2011

MNS Visit to Berembun Forest Reserve

September 20, 2011 during 12:00 pm

Jungle movement is not always about exploring a furious jungles like a Amazon. One does not need to go privately go to a inhabitant park only to knowledge a tie with Mother Nature. There is another choice that might be equally as severe and sparkling as a furious jungles, and that is a timberland pot located around Malaysia.

One such timberland haven that is value exploring is a Berembun Forest Reserve that is located in Negeri Sembilan. Measuring about 4,000 acres in size, a Berembun Forest Reserve stretches from a hinterland of Seremban city right by Kuala Pilah. Although logging went on during a fringes of a haven about 4 to 6 decades ago, metamorphosis measures has left good via this area. The timberland was gazetted as a stable area during a colonial times as it played an critical purpose as a H2O catchment area that granted half of Seremban’s H2O needs.

Berembun Forest Reserve

The Berembun Forest Reserve stretches from a hinterland of Seremban city right adult to Kuala Pilah.

The Malaysian Nature Society will be organising a outing to Berembun Forest Reserve on 25th Sep 2011. They will start a outing with a revisit to a uncover residence that is assembled from interlocking bricks. This uncover residence is located on a approach to Pantai, nearby a Veterinary Department. The organisation will afterwards ensue to a Berembun Forest Reserve. Participants can attend in some of a activities including bird watching/photography, walking by a timberland haven as good as a revisit to a Orang Asli communities. Those who are meddlesome in participating are compulsory to move packaged lunch, insect repellent and free-loader socks. For some-more information, greatfully hit Ms Yap Miow Yen during 016-2372887 or [email protected] or Ms Lim Ming Hui during 012 276 0327 or [email protected] .

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