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Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque

“Masjid yang amat bersejarah dan menyimpan sejuta kenangan.Saya pasti ia antara masjid kesayangan orang Islam Johor dan Sultannya yang memahami. Binaannya mengambil kira pengaruh Belanda dan Britain suatu masa dulu dengan campuran ciri-ciri Melayu.
by Abdul Halim Abu Bakar

“One of the oldest mosque in Malaysia. the scenery is beatiful and architecture says it all.”  
by On Foot

“I got married here..!!! and what a view it was.. the masjid architechture was beautiful n unique.. situated on top of a hill facing the johor straits.. it is a must visit for tourist as its historical value is immense..!”  
by rifdy

“beautiful architecture,romantic place,and charming night view, I VERY GREAT”  
by safwan

“Besides praying, one will appreciate with the lovely architecture.”  
by Scalia

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