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Tuesday September 27, 2011

Rare crab re-appears in Malacca
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MALACCA: The re-appearance of a rare species of crab along the shores here has caused a stir among the people, especially Christians, due to a cross-like mark on its shell.

The crustacean, with the scientific name Charybdisferiatus, is a species of Malacostraca and is mainly found in Malaysian and Indonesian waters.

It was reportedly last seen in the Straits of Malacca in the 1960s.

Sparking frenzy: A fisherman holding the rare crab (left) next to a normal crab. The rare crab was reportedly last seen in the Straits of Malacca in the 1960s.
The species is different from another commonly found species in the state and which also has a cross on its shell.

A fisherman from Tengkera here hauled a dozen of these crabs on Sunday, sparking a frenzy among locals who rushed to buy the crabs.

The fisherman, who only wanted to be known as Man, 65, said the crabs were considered scarce.

He claimed that the crab was last caught in small numbers in the late 1960s.

“Only minimal quantities of the crabs were caught. Many locals don’t buy them to eat, but to preserve the shell as it’s considered sacred,” Man said.

State Rural Development and Agriculture Committee chairman Datuk R. Perumal said the state would ask the Fisheries Department to record and monitor the landings of the rare crab.

“We may conserve the crab by breeding it,” he added.

A marine biologist, who declined to be named, said the crabs became rare after rapid development along the state coastline led to the deterioration of the mangrove swamps where the crabs thrived.

Legend has it that Saint Francis Xavier was sailing to Malacca from an Indonesian island sometime in the 16th Century when he was caught in a storm in the Straits of Malacca.

He then dipped his crucifix into the sea and prayed to God to calm the raging storm.

However, the crucifix slipped from his grip and fell into the sea. He prayed that he could get it back.

When he reached the shores of Malacca safely, St Francis saw a crab crawling on the beach and clutching the same crucifix between its claws.

Surprised, St Francis knelt down and recovered his crucifix.

He blessed the crab and the sign of a cross then appeared on its back.

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Wednesday September 21, 2011

Ancient treasure found – and sold
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MALACCA: Agents of scrap metal dealers have been selling old Portuguese coins, bullets and religious amulets that were unearthed during a recent landslip along the banks of the Malacca River to antique brokers from Singapore.

The artefacts, the most valuable of which found so far was a cannon ball that fetched RM500, were discovered after an ancient jetty at Stadhuys collapsed in May.

The artefacts are believed to be about 500 years old.

A scrap metal agent, Rafi, 38, said the find also comprised Chinese porcelain pieces and religious paraphernalia from the Malacca Sultanate as well as those from the Portuguese, Dutch and British colonial periods.

National heritage: These priceless coins have been unearthed by agents of scrap metal dealers from the Malacca River and sold to brokers from Singapore.
“Also unearthed were bullets and cannons. For the past few days, I have joined six others in combing the river sediment for treasure.

“We have hit the jackpot! There are piles of these artefacts for our picking,” he said, adding that he made about RM1,000 a day by selling the items. Apparently, the brokers are from Singapore.

At the peak of the Malacca Sultanate and when the port was colonised by the Portuguese and Dutch, the river would have seen trading vessels from various countries, some of which could have capsized with their treasures.

Rafi said he was only armed with a ladle and hoe for his search, adding that although the relevant authorities “were aware of the find, nobody had stopped them from digging”.

“I know we should not sell these items but the offer is too tempting,” he said.

“We found mostly items from the Portuguese era. Despite being 500 years old, the coins are well-preserved with their carvings still visible. We have also discovered coins used by the Dutch East India Company.”

Expressing his regret that no effort was made to preserve these historical items, Portuguese-Eurasian Association president Michael Singho said it was ready to buy the artefacts and conserve them at their settlement in Ujong Pasir here.

“I will embark on a fund-raising drive to obtain the items back,” he said.

State Tourism, Culture and Heritage Committee deputy chairman Chua Kheng Hwa said he would bring up the discovery to Chief Minister Datuk Mohd Ali Rustam.

“The items are supposed to be handed over to the museum authority but these people are only interested in making a fast buck.”

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MASiF 2011 at Suria KLCC

September 26, 2011 at 2:00 pm

This year’s Music, Art, Style, International Festival (MASiF) 2011 was recently held at KLCC from the 15th till 17th September 2011. This three day festival which encompasses the various categories of arts was held in various locations within KLCC. The festival started with a glitzy launch that is perhaps better suited to be described through photographs.

This year, visitors had a pleasant surprise when they were serenaded by big names in the music industry like Jamal Abdillah, Misha Omar, Ella, Adibah Noor as well as upcoming stars like Narmi and Fauziah Gambus. Independent bands and artists like Happy Siblings, Friday King Road, Amiral Ali were also present to entertain the crowd.

The launch kicked off with a welcome address by the President of MASiF, Ir. Adam Salim followed by a speech by the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Dato’ Razali Haji Ibrahim.

MASiF 2011

President of MASiF, Ir. Adam Salim, giving his speech during the launch.

MASiF 2011

Next up is the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Dato’ Razali Hj Ibrahim’s turn to take the podium.

Veteran designer Radzuwan Radziwill showcased his latest collection alongside the performance of another veteran singer, Jamal Abdillah. He entertained us with some of his hits including ‘Kekasih Awal dan Akhir’ and ‘Gadis Melayu’.

MASiF 2011

One of the pretty models modelling a piece from Radzuwan Radziwill alongside Jamal Abdillah’s performance

MASiF 2011

Veteran designer Radzuwan Radziwill

The next artist to perform for the invited guests was Narmi. His cheery and uplifting song complemented the models who paraded Calvin Thoo’s colourful dresses.

MASiF 2011

This cheery and colourful dress by Calvin Thoo complemented the laid back tone of Narmi’s song.

MASiF 2011

Local designer Calvin Thoo

The crowd went wild when the next artist appeared on the stage. Known as Malaysia’s very own rock queen, Ella belted out her classic hits much to the delight of the crowd.

MASiF 2011

Malaysia’s very own rock queen, Ella!

Guests were then introduced to a new form of art known as feng shui art by Master Lim, who created a masterpiece in just minutes during Ella’s performance.

MASiF 2011

Master Lim started his painting on the stage with just this…

MASiF 2011

And just in a matter of minutes, the painting now looked like this…

MASiF 2011

Master Lim’s completed masterpiece… all done in just less than 10 minutes.

After one ‘performance’ by Master Lim, our beautiful models came out next wearing elegant and traditional designs by Wan Pa duo, Rosix Omar and Ridzuan Ismail alongside Malaysia’s own upcoming artist, Fauziah Gambus’ music.

MASiF 2011

Some of the dresses designed by Wan Pa

MASiF 2011

An upcoming young star, Fauziah Gambus

MASiF 2011 saw an exhibition entitled ‘Fusion of Passion’, which is currently being exhibited at the Galeri Petronas. This exhibition celebrates the meaning of fine art in Malaysia by bringing different artworks from different artists not only using different medium, methods and disciplines but also different levels of talent, from established to emerging artists as well. I found some of the following exhibits very engaging and mind boggling at the same time.

Fusion of Passion Art Exhibition

Chin Wan Kee – Beyond Mind and Words Series No. 35

Fusion of Passion Art Exhibition

Martin Wood – Heritage Houses of Malacca

Fusion of Passion Art Exhibition

Martin Wood – River House, Malacca

Fusion of Passion Art Exhibition

Beatrice Tan Kit Mun – Sipi-Sipi

Fusion of Passion Art Exhibition

Lim Kim Hai – Harmony and Peace Series

This is indeed a ‘MASiF’ event as it had so much to offer to everyone. Be sure to check out my next piece to see what transpired on the last day of the festival.

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The Coffee and Spice Company

September 26, 2011 during 3:00 pm

Suria KLCC can be a really bustling place, generally whenever events are hold during a mall or a surrounding areas. The mall itself is home to many eateries and restaurants of each stripe, that creates eating during Suria KLCC a rather fun affair. We recently had a probability to try out an engaging opening during a coverage of MASiF 2011, pleasantness of a organisers of a festival, who were kind adequate to yield vouchers to members of a media covering MASiF 2011.

The Coffee and Spice Company

The good ambience in The Coffee and Spice Company grill creates this opening a ideal choice for lunch or dinner

And where did we go? A old-fashioned and cosy small mark called The Coffee Spice Company. Tucked into a side of a Concourse Level of a mall, it is one of a initial eateries that we would accommodate as we enter a mall around a KLCC LRT Station. Like many new eateries, it uses a ‘kopitiam’ judgment that was popularised by Old Town Cafe, though of course, with a possess twist. The emblem of a opening is suggestive of a British colonial era, that goes in thesis with a name. Large murals adorn a executive wall of a place, and offers a ubiquitous story of coffee and spices, along with a outline of a outlet. The food credentials area is fronted by arrangement shelves that offers a preference of internal delicacies, and a caf� opposite for those who like high chairs and a some-more ‘western’ character caf� experience. The ensuing ambience is one that is loose and soothing, a really welcoming contrariety to a dispatch of a Concourse level.

The Coffee and Spice Company

The opening is tastefully flashy with potted plants, giving it that superb touch.

So what about a food? The Coffee Spice Company offers standard Malaysian fare, that serves as a decent introduction to daily Malaysian food. Usual favourites from breakfast, lunch, tea time, cooking time, repast time, and of course, break time, are all available, that creates for a flattering endless menu. When compared with other ‘kopitiam’ judgment outlets, a patron should have no reason to protest about a miss of his favourite plate in a menu.

The Coffee and Spice Company

The residence specialty, Nasi Ayam Percik

During a brief revisit there, we sampled what a waiter pronounced was a residence speciality, Nasi Ayam Percik, that is rice served with sharp grilled chicken. The Coffee Spice Company’s plate came not usually with a juicy square of duck though also with a square of low boiled fish, accompanied with dual side dishes of preserved vegetables. As one of a categorical dishes offered, it does probity and is indeed utterly pleasing on a tastebuds.

The Coffee and Spice Company

Toasted Bread with Kaya and Butter

Being a kopitiam judgment outlet, we also attempted their toasted bread with butter and kaya, a normal favourite that went out of character as a nation grown during a 1980s. This break recognition has surged along with a whole kopitiam phenomenon, and is now a must-have menu object in any kopitiam judgment outlet. While some competence consternation either there can indeed be any disproportion in this elementary transport offering between shops, any chairman who frequently cooking toast will determine that no dual pieces of toast are ever alike. The toast was crunchy enough, though crumbled easily, creation a probability of oozing butter and kaya a really expected possiblity. The layers of butter and kaya were generous, though competence not interest to everyone’s liking.

The Coffee and Spice Company

The drinks for a night. L-R: Soyabean with Grass Jelly and Cendol and Soyabean with Grass Jelly

Drinks were soya bean with weed jelly, also famous as cincau, and soya bean with weed preserve and cendol. Both drinks used brownish-red sugarine syrup, giving a splash a caramel essence and hue. These soya bean concoctions were beautifully done, with a reduction of syrup, soya bean and preserve finished only right.

We were on a flattering parsimonious report that day, so a small journey during The Coffee Spice Company drew to a tighten during this point. What we tasted was good adequate for us to cruise entrance behind again, and given we mostly visit Suria KLCC, we would contend that it is only a matter of time.

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Malaysian Open Kuala Lumpur 2011

September 26, 2011 during 5:00 pm

Malaysians are utterly zealous sports fans, nonetheless for many of them, a border of appearance would usually be as a spectator, examination a movement from a comfort of their vital rooms. Ever so often, sporting events would be hold and it is afterwards that Malaysians tend to spin out in droves, generally if it is a competition that has a vast following, like football.

Malaysia Open Kuala Lumpur 2011

One of a participants of a Malaysia Open Kuala Lumpur 2011 signing his designation for a immature fan

Another competition that has utterly a vast following in Malaysia is tennis, and a categorical tennis in Malaysia would be a Malaysian Open hold in Kuala Lumpur. The Malaysian Open is an central ATP World Tour 250 contest and this year’s book is holding place right now, from 26th Sep compartment 2 Oct 2011 during Bukit Jalil Stadium. The contest will build adult to a weekend with a Quarterfinals on Friday, 30th September, Semifinals on Saturday, 1st October, and cap with a finals on Sunday, 2nd October.

For those who are meddlesome in tennis and are meddlesome to attend, do check out a Malaysian Open Kuala Lumpur 2011 website for some-more information.

Photo (c) Malaysian Open, Kuala Lumpur

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