October 6th, 2011:

Teluk Buih Beach

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“Warm accessible approached done me my family only like staying during home.”  
by Yee Lip Kwong

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Mount Lambak Recreational Forest

“Located during a foothill of Gunung Lambak, some 5km from a city of Kluang is this recreational forest. It is a favourite shelter for picnics, showering and mountain-climbing.”

Just 5km from Kluang city centre, a Mount Lambak Recreational Forest is a accessible end for those seeking a nature-getaway. Located during a foothill of Mount Lambak, this recreational timberland is ideal for picnics, swimming and mountain-climbing. There is also a tiny children’s stadium here.

At 510m above sea level, Mount Lambak is permitted around footpaths and wooden bridges that creates for a relaxing and rejuvenating trek uphill. Apart from a accumulation of furious flora and fauna, there are waterfalls for those wanting a lovely dip. Modern chalets are accessible for those who wish to stay overnight here.

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Gemas Railway Station

Located in a tiny city called Gemas, this station, built in 1922 is organic compartment today.”

Located in a tiny city called Gemas, this station, built in 1922 is organic compartment currently as a changeover (stopover) for trains from a North (Butterworth), East Coast (Tumpat and Gua Musang) and a South (Singapore). Other than newcomer trains, a hire also accommodates load trains carrying vital line such as cement, petrol, rubber and logs.

The hire building has confirmed a strange structure and even now still houses dual 1946 indication North British Locomotive Company steam engines. If we are into nostalgia, do not skip a event to strike a poise with these steam engines. In box we run into any difficulties, do not demur to ask assistance from a Station Master. In assign of all a operations; signalling, locomotive and sales, he will gladly come to your assistance.

If time permits, stay overnight in this tiny pacific town. Savour a feel of uninformed atmosphere in your face, a willing assent of a night and suffer a remit divided from a swarming stage of city life. You might also select to tee-off to a turn of golf during a 18-hole Gemas Golf Resort, a small 5 mins expostulate from a station.

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Beach of Seven Lagoons

“This poetic beach, located about 7 kilometres north of Kota Bharu, nearby a Thai border, hosts a Annual Malaysian International Kite Festival.”

This poetic beach, located about 7 kilometres north of Kota Bharu and nearby a Thai border, hosts a Annual Malaysian Kite Festival. During this festival, Pantai Seri Tujuh will be bustling with enthusiasts of a normal kite, famous as a wau.

The expostulate there passes by scenic seashore and fishing villages where normal boats are built a normal way. A medium review and chalet accommodation trickery is accessible here should we wish to stay overnight.

Last noticed – Oct 06, 2011

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The Selfish Crocodile

October 5, 2011 during 12:00 pm

It is time once again to accommodate some of a timberland friends from a renouned children’s book by author Faustin Charles and Michael Terry. Come and see a characters from a story come to life in this pleasant theatre instrumentation by UK’s Blunderbus Theatre Company.

The story is about a greedy crocodile refuses to let any of a other animals to wash or splash from a river. One day, all a animals in a jungle hear a terrible sound, as if someone was in a lot of pain. Upon investigation, a animals found out that it was a crocodile who done a sound. None of a animals wanted to go nearby a crocodile to help, solely for one small mouse. This small rodent went into a large crocodile’s mouth to see what was causing a pain and finds that it is a damaged tooth. After a rodent came out with a tooth, a crocodile was no longer in pain. He thanked a rodent for a assistance and in spin let all a animals come to wash and splash from a river.

The Selfish Crocodile

The Selfish Crocodile

This story will see a talents of Jeanette Susan Longworth, Simon James Sanchez and Sophie Roch and a horde of papier-mache puppets. The story teaches certain messages like honesty, care and many of all, a significance of friendship. It also reminds a children that sometimes, a smallest acts of affability are a ones that mostly have a biggest impact. Though a story is created for children between a ages of 4 – 7, it will not come as a warn if a adults find it entirely interesting too! The uncover is scheduled to perform from 4th compartment 22nd Oct 2011 during PJ Live Arts. Show times are as follows:

Tuesdays to Fridays during 10.00 am
Saturdays during 11.00 am, 2.00 pm and 5.00 pm
Sundays during 2.00 pm and 5.00 pm

Tickets are labelled during RM 48/ RM 58/ RM 68 and RM 78. There is a RM 3 bonus for all tickets purchased online. Please record on to to squeeze tickets online or call 012 2690375 for some-more details.

Photo (c) The Blunderbus Theatre Company

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