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Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

“Its a surprisingly good experience. I thought it would be boring but I was wrong. Well worth the high admission price and its highly recommended. They have so much there, its the Disneyland of the bird world. I especially loved the water attractions and cages where the birds come and eat from your hands.”  

“The ‘new’ park has improved tremendously especially with its new phase which includes the Milky Way. Although better work can be done to maintain the old phases, the KL Bird Park can now be said to reach the international standards and is among the pride of the nation. Well done!”  
by Aida

” i think kuala lumpur bird park is to interesting place”  
by wan69

“”Gorgeous! The park offers variety of birds.I really enjoy my visit to this bird park.Since it has improve its maintainence,tourists from all over the world are coming to pay a visit.””  
by Jerry

“Isuggest more volunteers should come forward, give full support, help and do voluntery work inorder to make this bird park look more beautiful and more attractives.”  
by makcikjamilah

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