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Weissbrau @ Straits Quay Penang

October 11, 2011 at 3:00 pm

What could be better for a person who enjoys beer with his friends than unwinding after a long day of work at a place like Weissbrau? The answer is easy, enjoying the waterfront view and sea breeze with your favourite beer at Weissbrau Penang. Weissbrau Penang is located at the north wing of Straits Quay, one of Penang’s trendiest malls. Its location fronting the marina offers its patrons one of the best views of the Straits Quay waterfront, especially during the evening and night.

The relaxing seating arrangement for Weissbrau Penang promises a casual evening of enjoyment

While the outlet in Kuala Lumpur has a more fast tempo atmosphere, patrons here will be able to experience a relaxed dining experience. The restaurant is well laid out, and can seat around 50 comfortably without anyone feeling cramped. There are the traditional long stools for those who want to hang out at the bar area, while long tables are just perfect for large gatherings or family outings.

The expansive and comfortable interior of the restaurant offers privacy even during peak hours

So okay, they are not traditional bar stools, but they sure are a lot more comfortable

And for those who love the sea breeze and al fresco dining will not be disappointed by the lounge area that fronts the marina. Cosy low seats under a long canopy run all along the promenade alongside the restaurant form little alcoves of privacy where patrons can wine and dine the night away.

The cosy atmosphere along the promenade offers patrons the opportunity to unwind as they dine

Being Weissbrau’s second outlet, and the only in the northern region, the restaurant offers the entire range of Master Chef Pascal Schnyder’s dishes, including the mouthwatering pork burgers, my favourite being the humble but absolutely delicious Bavarian Bacon Cheese, gourmet sausages – what German restaurant is complete without them, salads and soups, great German fare, like the traditional schnitzel, pork knuckles and ribs, as well as a wide range of European delights.

One of Weissbrau’s pork rib main dishes, served with sauerkraut and rosti

Let us not forget the Alsatian Flammkuchen. This really interesting dish might be mistaken for a pizza, but it is actually a German traditional dish. Made of a thin crepe, it is topped with an assortment of toppings – mushroom, bacon, honey ham and parma ham among others – and topped off with some sour cream, roasted onions.

A variation to suit Asian tastes, the Chili Sausage packs a spicy kick

Like any good introduction, Weissbrau not only presents the traditional favourites to its customers, but also improvises to cater to Asian tastes. The result of this adaptation are dishes like the Chili Sausage, a spicier version for those find subtler flavours a bit of a bore, the Jagerschnitzel and the Caprese Schnitzel, the former served with mushroom sauce and the latter topped with tomato, basil and mozzarella. The original Schnitzel is a large, and by that I mean, large, piece of breaded porkloin deepfried to perfection. The traditional way of serving the Schnitzel is as is, and in Weissbrau’s outlets, with a slice of lemon. Those who are unfamiliar with German fare might find the traditional Schnitzel a bit dry due to the region’s favoured practice of using dipping sauces.

The traditional German porkchop, the schnitzel

Traditional version or not, Weissbrau’s schnitzels are a treat for those who enjoy pork and definitely worth the money. But in all honesty, everything at Weissbrau always is.

Weissbrau Penang also carries an extensive selection of beer, including local favourites Carlsberg and Hoegaarden. But what sets Weissbrau apart from the rest would be the availability of specialty beers, including Schneider Weisse’s line of wheat beer. A nice selection of wine and other liquors are also available for those who want a different drink.

Weissbrau offers a wide selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages

No matter what your favourite drink may be, a night at Weissbrau Penang is definitely recommended if you are in search of a great place to dine whenever you are at the Pearl of the Orient!

An evening out at Weissbrau Penang is an experience we recommend

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