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Central Market

“I always come here to rent books. It is a good place to start if it’s your first time in KL.”  
by jazila

“last week i bring some foreign friend to central market new food court i really impress with the decoration so unique a beautiful place with 8 stall promote malaysian food iam happy to introduce malaysian foodto my friend one of the stall call kedah which really embarrass me because the menu show is not kedah food it is THAI FOOD instead it totally unexcepted because iam kedahan”  
by qmiko

“Segalanya ada disini.. tapi harga barangan agak mahal..tempat yg paling lamayg saya akan singgah ialah dikawasan pelukis,memang mengasyikkan..”  
by moose

“3.75 ! Recently i went to CM to buy a keris for decoration. In my humble opinion, Central Market ( Pasar Seni )
is a great place for tourists and locals.
I think that it’ll be nicer if the shops were stationed according to their own respective catagories.
The food court takes a lot of this prestigious buildings space.
More entries (shop,gallery or open oppurtunity) from so many undiscovered sources might just be an evolution to this Market.
What i mean is that Batik goes with batik.. sports however could be replaced by a Gallery for example. I also think that Central Market has the potential to link up with more international content and further enhance the Markets ability to showcase a wider scope of fusion end products.
Honestly, i was a little dissapointed with the amount of space that the food court has.

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