October 14th, 2011:

Diyafa Exhibition


Diyafa has its stage set for those involved in the industry. International and local suppliers will come together to ensure we satisfy the increasingly sophisticated requirements of Qatar’s hotels, restaurants and other hospitality organizations. With 2010 having experienced more interactive and visitor entertainment than ever before, Diyafa 2011 is set to be a monument event for key industry players.

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10th. October 2011

Most Malaccans may not know the fact that the Malaccan community contributed financial donations to the Chinese revolution in 1911 headed by Chinese leader, Sun Yat Seng.

When I first visited China in 1988 especially to Quongchou, in the Sun Yat Seng Park, there is a monument erected there that showed overseas Chinese contributions to the Chinese republic cause then against the Ching dynasty. The top contributor to the Chinese cause was the Community of Malacca. I was surprised to see the granite block on top of the monument! Malaccans did their part in contributing to the setting up of the Republic of China 100 years ago.

Without the financial support of overseas Chinese residing all over world, the political world map will be very different today.

During the quest for Malayan Independence in 1950s, at one of the Town Hall meeting at Malacca Meng Seng Charitable Hall, a spontaneous fund raising event was carried out to raise funds for Tunku and his delegation to travel to England for negotiation with the British for independence of Malaya. Malaccans responded at once with whatever they had then. As the saying goes, the rest was history.

Some points to ponder about the inter-related world we live in today.

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Tribute to Sibelius

October 13, 2011 during 12:00 pm

Jean Sibelius was a famous Finnish composer of a after Romantic period. His song had an critical partial in a arrangement of Finland’s inhabitant identity. Born as Johan Julius Christian Sibelius, he began regulating a French form of his name ‘Jean’ during his years as a student. He is now famous zodiacally as Jean Sibelius. He complicated Law for a while after his graduation from high school, though his adore for song valid to be stronger and he after quit his law studies. From 1885 compartment 1889, Sibelius complicated song in Helsinki song school.

Jean Sibelius

The Sibelius relic in Helsinki is dedicated to Finnish composer Jean Sibelius

Some of his best-known compositions embody Finlandia, a Karelia Suite, Valse triste and The Swan of Tuonela. In 1908, Sibelius underwent a vital operation for suspected throat cancer. Though a operation went well, his tighten confront with genocide was pronounced to have desirous a works that he stoical in a following years. 18 years after his brush with death, many beheld a pointy decrease in his outlay of low-pitched works. After his Seventh Symphony, Sibelius usually constructed a few vital works for a rest of his life. Jean Sibelius upheld divided during a good aged age of 91 due to mind haemorrhage.

The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra will be behaving 3 of this Finnish composer’s pieces, that is Finlandia, Violin Concerto and Symphony No. 2. The violin concerto will be achieved by Mr. Barnabas Kelemen and Mr Olari Elts will be conducting a orchestra. The low-pitched opening is scheduled for 15th Oct 2011 during 8.30 pm AND 16th Oct 2011 during 3.00 pm. Tickets are labelled during RM 30, RM 60, RM 90 and RM 120. Patrons of a Dewan Filharmonik Petronas will have to observe a dress code, that is intelligent infrequent when attending a concerts. For some-more information, greatfully record on to Dewan Filharmonik Petronas’ website.

Photo (c) robin-root

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Kathina during Wat Bukit Perak

October 13, 2011 during 1:00 pm

What is a Wat? And what is Kathina? These are dual terms that competence be unknown with some, generally Westerners. Wat is a tenure used mostly in a South East Asian segment for a Buddhist church or monastery. Buddhism heavily shabby a region, including a many kingdoms located in what is now Malaysia. Even today, there is a substantial commission of Buddhists and countless Buddhist wats in Malaysia. Some, like Penang’s Wat Chayamangkalaram – with a recumbent Buddha – are famous, while others, like Wat Bukit Perak in Kampung Gajah Puteh, Kedah, offer as village centres and places of rite for internal Buddhist communities.

The pagoda and a statue of Kuan Yin on a drift of a wat

Many Buddhist observations, celebrations and festivals are conducted during these wats. Out of these, a Kathina is deliberate one of a many important. Kathina is a rite where robes and other requisites are presented by lay devotees to monks. Kathina outlines a finish of a Vassa period, a 3 month stormy season, during that monks sojourn inside monasteries and church grounds. This year, Wat Bukit Perak will be holding a Kathina on Sunday, 30th Oct 2011 during a church drift in Kampung Gajah Puteh, Kedah.

There will be a elementary module on 29th Oct 2011, a eve of Kathina, with a enlightenment of a church and candle lighting around a pagoda during 7 pm, followed by chanting by a monks during 8 pm. On Sunday, a Kathina starts during 10:30 am with Puja use and a mystic charity of rice in donation bowls.

This is followed by a Sanghadana during 11:30 am, when a monks accept a offerings of donation and have lunch. Lunch for devotees will follow during 12:30 pm. The circumambulating of a pagoda with Kathina robes will start during 1:30pm and a rite will finish with a display of Kathina robes and chanting by devotees and monks.

Those who are meddlesome in attending are acquire to a Kathina. Any donations for Wat Bukit Perak’s Kathina are acquire as well. For some-more information, greatfully revisit a temple’s Facebook page

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