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Mexicano Baked Fish by Kenny Rogers Roasters

October 18, 2011 at 5:30 pm

Fish has come a long way since being viewed as poor man’s protein in the middle of the 20th century. As we all know, fish has now become a premium meat due to its high protein and low amounts of fat, making it a perfect choice for those who look for lean protein for their diet. The trouble about some fish dishes are that they are either expensive, or served in ways that negate the health benefits that the meat offers.

The delicious Mexicano Baked Fish and the Fish N Mushroom Soup

So if you want to enjoy a great fish dish at a really affordable price, we recommend the Mexicano Baked Fish dish by Kenny Rogers Roasters. Available for a limited time only, this lovely succulent fish fillet is marinated with a special blend of herbs and spices, and is then baked to perfection. And for those who are accustomed to a variety of tastes will not have to fret as the fillet is served with a mildly spicy salsa, adding an exotic Mexican touch that is bound to delight everyone, even those who usually shy away from Tex-Mex flavours.

The tantalizing Mexicano Baked Fish is not only a delicious delight, but also a value for money dish.

Kenny Rogers Roasters foray into fish also includes the Fish N Mushroom Soup. This soup serves as a light but hearty starter, and is a creamy but not overwhelmingly thick soup with generous chunks of fish and mushrooms swimming in it. The Fish N Mushroom Soup is priced at RM7.00 while the Mexicano Baked Fish comes with three side dishes of your choice at RM18.50.

The light but lovely soup, with chunks of fish and mushrooms

So how does the Mexicano Baked Fish stack up? The first thing that you will definitely notice is the large size of the fillet itself, which actually occupies most of the plate. The fish is tender and really baked to perfection, with a delightful crust that leaves a subtle smoky flavour on the palette. The salsa complements the fish well, and while it does contain coriander, the distinct taste that some Asians tend to dislike about coriander is thankfully absent.

The taste of the salsa, while spicy, does not overwhelm the subtler flavour of the fish

The portioning of the dish, like all Kenny Rogers Roasters offerings, is definitely enough for most appetites, but for those who just cannot resist a good thing can opt for the White Combo Delight meal. This dish combines the Mexicano Baked Fish with a quarter chicken, three side dishes and a Kenny’s Home-made Muffin for RM29.50. Now that’s really a feast on its own!

The Mexicano Baked Fish and the Fish N Mushroom Soup are available for a limited time only at all Kenny Rogers Roasters Restaurants in Malaysia. We suggest you try them, that is if you haven’t already!

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