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Si Putih and the 7 Makciks

December 18, 2011 at 2:00 pm

Everyone knows the tale of a beautiful young girl with hair as black as ebony, lips as red as blood and skin as white as snow, who had a stepmother who grew envious of her stepdaughter’s beauty. She summoned her hunter to kill the daughter and bring back her heart as proof. Faced with such innocence, the guard could not bring himself to do the evil deed and helped this fair maiden escape into the woods, where she stumbled upon a cottage own by seven colourful characters.

When the stepmother found out that this fair maiden was very much alive, she took it upon herself to get the task of killing her done. Three attempts were made to take this girl’s life, and all but the third attempt failed to do so. Many a girls may have sighed and wished for their own version of Prince Charming when he showed up just in time to save the fair maiden, and vanquished the evil stepmother.

The seven ‘beautiful’ makciks

From today until 23rd December 2011, The Actors Studio presents an adaptation of one of our all time favourite fairy tale Snow White and the 7 Dwarves. Entitled Si Putih and the 7 Makciks, this funny tale is set in two kampong kingdoms where an envious Queen plans to kill her beautiful and fair stepdaughter named Si Putih. Does Sergeant Sutera, the queen’s henchmen, kill Si Putih as ordered or will she be saved by the 7 Makciks, keepers of secrets from another kampong? Come and watch this pantomime with singing and dancing and an all male cast with a surprise ending. Tickets are priced at RM 40 and RM 50 for all night shows and normal matinee shows. The showtime is as follows:-

14th till 23rd December at 8.00 pm AND 17th 18th December at 3.00 pm.

For more information, please call The Actors Studio @ Lot 10 at 03 2142 2009 / 2143 2009 OR klpac @ Sentul Park at 03 4047 9000 or log on to their website here.

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