January 17th, 2012:

Micro-light Tour (1D)

Soar like a strong bird in your really possess micro-light aircraft above a skies of Malaysia!

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At A Plank Bridge

January 17, 2012 during 12:00 pm

We have mostly listened a grandparents speak about their knowledge during a World War II in Malaysia – how a Japanese ruled a nation with an iron fist, a cruelties and a oppressive times that they faced during that time and how grateful they are to be means to suffer vital in a pacific nation now. Despite a rudeness of it, many still seem to be desirous by a stories and a lessons that can be learnt from it. Although cinema like Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, Empire of a Sun and Schindler’s List creates an engaging watch, it also gives a viewers a glance of how life was during that time.

Catch ‘At A Plank Bridge’ during Pentas 2, klpac from 17th compartment 21st Jan 2012

If we are a fan of fight stories, be certain to locate ‘At A Plank Bridge‘ , a opening brought to we by The Actors Studio from 17th compartment 21st Jan 2012. The story is about dual group who incidentally accommodate on a behind nation highway during World War II, only after a obey of a Japanese function army. It tells a story of Fook Leong’s possibility confront with Chandran, who pounded Fook Leong meditative that a former was a bandit. While their initial fight is simply resolved, they learn that there is a distant deeper dispute between a dual of them as their destinies collide.

Tickets are labelled during RM 43 for adults and RM 23 for students, a disabled, TAS UNCHR cardholders. It will be hold during Pentas 2, klpac @ Sentul park and is scheduled to perform as below:-

17th Jan 2012 (Preview) during 8.30 pm
18th compartment 20th Jan 2012 during 8.30 pm
21st Jan 2012 during 3.00 pm AND 8.30 pm

For some-more information, greatfully call The Actors Studio during 03 2142 2009 / 2143 2009 or klpac during 03 4047 9000 or record on to a website here.

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Monday January 16, 2012

No proper jetty for cruise passengers

I REFER to K.T. Teh’s “Let’s make Malaysia ‘Best in Asia’ tour destination” (The Star, Jan 11).

I visit the Malacca jetty area almost every week as an agent for the cruise ship calling on Malacca.

Our efforts to get some improvements to the jetty from the state government to attract more tourists have not been fruitful.

The state government has arranged to dredge the river mouth towards the CIQ building that is under construction but the dredging will not in anyway assist in promoting tourism via sea.

There is no proper jetty for these passengers to disembark. The vessels drop anchor near the river mouth and tourists are transferred to the jetty which is congested with fishing/cargo boats and is an eyesore.

The state government has done nothing to improve this.

Though the jetty may be privately owned, the state government’s participation to transform the area is inevitable.

There is a lot of red tape over the dredging, and when we requested for assistance from the government for the jetty they are not able to assist due to the cost factor.

While the Tourism Ministry is doing the promotion on one side, the bureaucracy at the state level is pulling in the opposite direction.

How can tourism be expected to grow?

One officer even had the cheek to say: “We are not interested in your tourists”.

This kind of attitude will kill not boost the tourism industry.

It is high time the ministry steps in to check what is happening in Malacca and come up with a real action plan to boost the industry.


Port Klang.

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January 16, 2012 17:53 PM
Melaka Abolishes 5 Percent Heritage Charge, Replaces It With RM2 Charge
MELAKA, Jan 16 (Bernama) — The state government has abolished the five percent heritage charge imposed on hotels, lodging houses and homestays and replaced it with a RM2 charge.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said the charge was abolished because of objections by hotel, lodging house and homestay operators who felt it had a negative impact on their businesses.

“Discussions were held today with their representatives whereby they have agreed to the new charge,” he told reporters after a dialogue on the heritage charge, here today.

Mohd Ali said based on the RM2 charge, guests would only have to add RM2 to their room rates.

He said the RM2 charge which would involve 12,000 hotel rooms, lodging houses and homestays throughout Melaka was expected to be enforced in April.

“The state expects to collect at least RM4 million each year from the charge, which would be utilised for developing the tourism sector.

“Operators must duly settle the charge monthly with the local authorities such as the Melaka Historical City Council, Hang Tuah Jaya municipal council, Alor Gajah municipal council and Jasin municipal council,” he said.

He added that a heritage charge implementing committee would be formed to facilitate the process.


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