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January 25, 2012 at 2:00 pm

The word ‘red’ mainly refers to one of the three primary colours that can be combined to make a whole lot of other colours. Other than it being a bold colour, there is a whole long list of other things that are also associated to the word ‘red’. For example, the colour red is normally associated to feelings of confidence, aggression and dominance. It is also a symbol of passion and anger as well as a symbol of courage and sacrifice. For the Chinese culture, the colour red harbours positive energy and is often made as the main colour in joyous occasions like weddings and Chinese New Year.

KRR staff serving complimentary drinks to thirsty guests on RED 2012

For the many people who chose to wear red on the 11th January 2012, there was only one reason that motivated them to do so, and rest assured that it has nothing to do with feelings of anger or aggression as they were mainly spotted gathering around a Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR) restaurant nationwide. These people wearing red were celebrating life, health and vitality in conjunction with KRR’s third annual Roasters Eating Day (RED).

KRR team working at superspeed during RED lunchtime rush

As a lot of us get caught up in the New Year resolution-making frenzy, a majority of people end up making a long list of resolutions that are forgotten after the enthusiasm dies down. By the time work and life matters starts taking priority again, healthy eating usually takes a back seat. This is the reason why RED is held annually on the second Wednesday of every New Year. It is designed to ‘remind’ the public and motivate them to achieve and maintain their health resolutions for the year. All that a person need to do to enjoy two (2) Kenny’s Quarter Meal for the price of one is to dress in any shade of red.

Large crowd of RED in celebration of ROASTERS Eating Day

So if you missed the opportunity to be part of this year’s RED affair, fret not as Kenny Rogers Roasters are always there to offer good and healthy food at an affordable price all year round.

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