November 10th, 2012:


View wildlife up close and personal


MALACCA: DO you know that a baby sea lion can recognise its mother’s distinctive calls amid a multitude of other sea lions? Or that the boa actually gives birth instead of laying eggs?

Rio performing for the audience at a bird show

These facts might not be known to many but, at the Kinderzoo programme, children and adults alike have the opportunity to be enlightened on the rare and unique world of sea lions, reptiles and birds at Wildlife Theatre Melaka.

Kinderzoo, which caters to children from as young as preschool age up to secondary level, is aimed at creating an educational wildlife programme outside the classroom, to impart knowledge and to encourage interaction with the animals as environmental and wildlife conservation takes on a more important role in our modern world.
Its manager and curator Azman Ghazali has 17 years’ experience of working with animals. He said the Kinderzoo provides a unique curriculum pertaining to the conservation of the environment and wildlife.

“We are not running a zoo. Our focus is on small groups of people because we want to give the real learning process like what the children have in their school. We believe that by dividing the children into several groups, they can absorb the knowledge more easily,” he said.

The children will usually be divided into three groups, as there are three dedicated classes on birds, sea lions and reptiles.

“The trainers would also teach the children on how to treat animals well. We want to educate these young people to be more responsible for the fauna as we are concerned about the animals’ extinction,” he said.

Located at the manmade island of Pulau Melaka, the Wildlife Theatre Melaka is home to three lovable sea lions, colourful birds, captivating reptiles and a mysterious tribe from the tropical rainforest of Borneo.

Wildlife Theatre Melaka corporate communications executive Katherine Fam said besides the Kinderzoo, visitors would also be entertained in a show by the trio of sea lions — John, Mary and Ann — as well as the band of slithery reptiles and colourful exotic birds from all over the world.

During the 90-minute show, held at an amphitheatre that could accommodate up to 800 people, animal acts and antics would be showcased.

Guests would also be entertained by a native Borneo tribe with their exciting jungle rhythms while being taken on a cultural journey.

The Wildlife Theatre Melaka will be celebrating its first anniversary with a carnival on Nov 17, from 10.30am to 9pm.

“To mark our inaugural anniversary this year, we will be hosting a full-day carnival with exciting activities and spectacular performances. It will be packed with fun, educational activities and nutritious food for the whole family,” said Fam.

Among the activities lined up from morning to night are snake guessing game, traditional congkak game, naming the baby raccoons game and Borneo cultural dance. The programme will climax with a grand finale featuring fire-eating performances.
“We will be running four shows, at 10.30am, 3pm, 5pm and 7.30pm. And as a show of appreciation, our tickets will be sold on a Buy 1, Free 1 basis,” said Fam.

“Except for the 5pm performance, the tickets for the shows will be priced at RM20 for adults and RM15 for children and senior citizens. The tickets for the 5pm show will be RM25 for adults and RM20 for children and senior citizens, as there will also be a magic show.

“On the day of the carnival, visitors can also be part of our history by participating in the naming of baby raccoons. We currently have a pair of two-month-old raccoons from Procyon Lotor species originating from North America, and they do not have a name yet, so there will be a contest to select the most suitable name for the babies.”

Pulau Melaka is about half a kilometre off the coast of Taman Melaka Raya, and merely five minutes’ drive from A’Famosa and Jonker Walk.

For details, visit or Wildlife Theatre Melaka’s Facebook page.

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Gallery opens to promote Macau’s culture
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MALACCA: Malaccans could now cherish Macau’s unique culture and art that is largely made up of a combination of Chinese and Portuguese, with the launch of the Macau gallery here.

The gallery that was opened recently is located in Bukit Peringgit, about ten minutes away from the historic city centre.

The gallery occupies a heritage building that was originally a colonial bungalow and was later used as a state government department office.

Promoting Macau: The Macau gallery at Bukit Peringgit Malacca.
Macau’s secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Cheong U, and Macau Government Tourist Offices (MGTO) Director Joao Manuel Costa Antunes together with Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam and Mayor Zainal Abu jointly cut the ribbons and performed an eye-dotting on a lionhead used by lion dance troupe to mark the opening of the Macau Gallery.

Other delegates from Macau who attended the opening ceremony were MGTO Destination Promotion Head, Betty Fok, Macau Museum Director Chan Leng Hin, Macau’s Maritime Museum Director, Wu Chu Peng and representatives from University of Macau.

Also present at the opening ceremony were state Education,Youth Sports committee chairman Datuk Gan Tian Loo and State Secretary Datuk Wira Omar Kaseh.

Designed and managed by MGTO, the gallery is divided into zones with different themes to promote Macau’s history, culture and economy.

A total of 12 art pieces by Macau painters will be displayed at the gallery till the end of September to depict some of Macaus world heritage sites.

During the gala dinner held at a popular hotel in Malacca, Antunes said that both Macau and Malacca had a historical link peppered with rich Portuguese past and being recognised by the UNESCO as world heritage sites.

“The gallery will be a catalyst for mutual exchange for both Macau and Malacca to enhance understanding, strengthen friendship and consolidate cooperation,” he said.

Mohd Ali in his speech said the Macau gallery would also boost the effort placed by the state government to turn Bukit Peringgit as a tourist destination.

In 2009, the Macau Special Administrative Region Government and the Authorities of Malacca agreed on a MoU for the management of the heritage building with the purpose of transforming the property into a centre for promotion and exhibition of Macau’s culture and arts.

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Batu Feringghi beach, Penang. Pic: Khalzuri Yazid.

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Crab eating Macaque, Penang beach, Malaysia. Pic: Asiadetailfeed.

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Monkey Beach on Penang Island, Malaysia. Pic: Asiadetailfeed.

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Bakar Kapor??
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