The longhouses of Malaysian Borneo

The longhouses of Malaysian Borneo

The huge island of Borneo adds nonetheless some-more to a Asian melting pot that is Malaysia. Malaysian Borneo (sometimes called Eastern Malaysia) is comprised of a states of Sarawak and Sabah, that belong to a Northwest side of a world’s third largest island.

Who lives in a residence like this? Pic: Ben Cowles

Who lives in a residence like this? Pic: Ben Cowles

The Dayak, a common name for a hundreds of tribes that stock Borneo, make adult a largest ethic organisation on a island. One activity that is flourishing in recognition among a ever-increasing legions of travellers visiting Malaysia is a revisit to a encampment longhouses that these people traditionally live in.

A Very Long House
As a really name implies, longhouses are elongated buildings lifted several feet above belligerent by countless stout stilts. The houses are typically done from tree bellow and grass, though currently many tribes also use a some-more versatile, though reduction pretty, piece iron. The accurate blueprint of longhouses varies from clan to sub-tribe to region, nonetheless they all share identical characteristics.

The longhouses of Borneo generally include of a extensive community gymnasium with private family bedrooms splintering off to a sides. An whole village, in some cases adult to 500 people from 3 generations, are housed in any longhouse.

The stilts on that any longhouse rests offer to strengthen opposite peep floods and rodents. Their tallness also helps to locate a cold breezes floating adult high. The whole village, and any visitors, kibbutz in a longhouse while their stock lives beneath.

The Iban are maybe a many good famous genealogical peoples of Sarawak. In days prolonged left a Iban were feared by all, due to their use of headhunting. In sequence for a child to be deliberate a man, he would have to strike out into a universe alone, usually being authorised to lapse to his encampment once he had achieved a heads of his enemies. Scary right! Well, thankfully (or not, depending on your position towards globalisation) this use is no longer carried out. The achievement of strength is now achieved by returning to a encampment with some-more useful commodities; like generators, atmosphere conditioning or TVs.

Someone you’re approaching to meet. Pic: Ben Cowles

Someone you’re approaching to meet. Pic: Ben Cowles

But by no means are a Iban a usually people to live in this community way. In a Northern state of Sabah, a Rungus also live in community longhouses and belong to many of their ancient customs. Their longhouses tend to be many closer to a belligerent and they are usually as peaceful to accept visitors.

Getting there

Whenever one reads about a Iban or Rungus peoples, their accessible opinion towards strangers is always mentioned.

Do a discerning Google hunt of Borneo longhouses along with a difference ‘tour’ or ‘stay’ and you’ll find pages of debate operators charity adult a night in one. Of march if we find yourself already in Malaysia, it’s usually as probable to organize a outing in-country with a internal guide, too.

In and around a Kelabit Highlands – a vast plateau in Sarawak tighten to a Indonesian limit – it is probable to trek from one encampment to another. The longhouses there work as rest stops as good as villages.

For a eccentric traveller wanting to strech a villages on their possess steam, it’s probable to trek, bus, vessel or fly to many.

Before entering a longhouse one contingency be invited. One advantage to carrying a internal beam means they’ll substantially do all that in advance. However, should we find yourself coming a longhouse but one and a enterprise to enter, get articulate to a internal and an invitation is approaching to follow.

Life on high. Pic: Ben Cowles

Life on high. Pic: Ben Cowles

It is prevalent to yield gifts of food, drink, alcohol, etc. for a villagers of any longhouse. You will many approaching be strictly greeted by a encampment personality and approaching to splash with him and a elders. Obviously stay within a community area and usually go into one of a private bedrooms if invited to do so.

A Period of Transition
Globalisation is changing a normal approach of life for a Dayak of Borneo. Many immature Iban and Rungus people are withdrawal their longhouses and seeking a life in a civic areas of Malaysia. The 21st century has been coined as a transitory duration for these people. Whether this means a normal longhouse approach of life will eventually turn archaic or not, stays to be seen. However, should we find yourself furloughed Malaysian Borneo, a stay in a longhouse is something not to be missed.

This essay has hardly scratched a aspect on a series of tribes charity normal longhouse stays in Malaysian Borneo. If you’d like to find out some-more afterwards a revisit to a Malaysian, Sarawak and Sabah traveller play should set we straight.

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