The City Cafe in WF Hotel of Jalan Kebun Teh, Johor Bahru.

By | July 26, 2013

The City Cafe (N1.49719 E103.76284) is situated in belligerent building of  WF Hotel along Jalan Geram off Jalan Kebun Teh, Johor Bahru. It’s easy to locate a place given a hotel is only subsequent to a SJK (C) Foon Yew 1 (Primary School Foon Yew 1).

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The cafeteria had took over by Mr Marcus Wong (who also a cook) given 18 months ago, and they offer some western dishes and some-more on a internal Chinese foods. The dining area is designed in a “L” figure with a relax and still environemnt, we like a elementary ambience and infrequently we can have some contention over a lunch or cooking with a giveaway Wifi service.

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It can be corwded during a weekend evening, so if we visiting on weekend…I advise we make a reservation by a write series below…

The dishes offer by a cafeteria are elementary nonetheless Delicious! Let me share with we a dishes we had on that evening…

*  Seafood Tomyam soup
*  Sweet green fish with plain rice
*  Sambal onions prawns with plain rice
*  Butter duck with boiled rice – Signature dish
*  Sambal brinjal

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The Seafood Tomyam soup was average, adequate to palliate a Tomyam thirst…
The Sweet Sour Fish – good and tantalizing with a luscious fish and gravy, apportionment was large enough.
The Sambal Onions Prawns with rice – delicious, prawns were really fresh!
The Butter Chicken with Fried Rice was…Excellent! The butter ambience was abounding and not so creamy, a curry leafs went good with a butter and surprisingly a boiled rice also really tasty! You feel like ask for some-more after we finish it!
The Sambal Brinjal – baked easily and not too spicy, a brinjals were recorded a juicy-ness and not too day.

Simple and nonetheless Delicious!

The Cafe looks like a good place for us to try some-more of their foods, we will be behind for More! Please dump by if we occur to be during a circuitously area, we competence warn with a food from The City Cafe, that baked and offer by a owners – Mr Marcus Wong.

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