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Coral Wonderland

Coral Wonderland is located on the 4th Floor of Dataran Pahlawan Megamall (N2.19007 E102.25276), on top of the Carrefour Melaka Hypermart in the Mall. And it’s and the end of the mall which close to the Equatorial Hotel of Malacca. The Aquarium is situated right in the heart of the historical city of Melaka, UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malaysia.

A journey into the unseen wonders of the deep will allow you to discover many fascinating underwater animals from various depths and ocean regions around the world.
Prepare to be surprised and amazed by the brightly colored live coral garden waving in the ocean current at the Coral Wonderland.
Venture the longest touch pool in Asia where you can feel the skin of star fish, sea cucumber, sea urchin and even the bamboo shark, before continuing to the enchantment of the walking frogfish exhibit.
Source from the official website.

It’s also the First and the Only Coral Park in Malaysia for the moment.

 photo IMG_8575_zps4b077fe6.jpg

The ticket prices are :-
RM30 (Adult with MyKad), RM40 (Adult w/o MyKad)
RM20 (Child with MyKid 3-12 years old), RM30 (Child w/o MyKid)
RM20 (Senior citizen – above 60 years old)
Credit card is accepted.

We were given a piece of paper where we have to find the rubber stamp hidden at every corner in the aquarium to stamp the correct answer. It’s a good education way for the visitors to know more information about the coral, fish…etc. After complete all the stamps, you can receive a souvenir from the Coral Wonderland. Great encouragement!

Once we stepped into the aquarium, there were many baby sharks appeared in front of us…

 photo IMG_8444_zps15492cea.jpg

 photo IMG_8447_zpsd921aa63.jpg

Then follow by a long touch pool where we can ‘feel’ the skin of every fishes and others live creatures…

 photo IMG_8454_zpsc0b26135.jpg

After the ‘Touch Pool’, the journey started…

 photo IMG_8452_zps6ecf69b0.jpg

 photo IMG_8448_zpsfb30b815.jpg

I couldn’t provide all the name of the sea creatures here…apologies.
While I keep snapping, my daughter also followed and snap together! Nice!

 photo IMG_8481_zps4874f41c.jpg

She (my daughter) was quietly taken all the photos in the Aquarium…:)

Next, the Eel session…

 photo IMG_8473_zpsf83d9a7b.jpg

 photo IMG_8474_zps0b02785b.jpg

 photo IMG_8471_zps6cd8c3de.jpg

 photo IMG_8480_zpsc6766b42.jpg

Coral session!

 photo Tile1_zpsb1311e97.jpg

 photo IMG_8499_zpsa6c6b6c8.jpg

 photo IMG_8493_zpsfdc5841a.jpg

 photo IMG_8503_zpsdc108803.jpg

Sea turtles feeding time…

 photo IMG_8543_zps56f58f30.jpg

All kind of Frogs…

 photo IMG_8513_zpsd5b3927d.jpg

 photo IMG_8512_zpsf68810a5.jpg

 photo IMG_8560_zpseccbfb31.jpg

 photo IMG_8569_zps11a053eb.jpg

And some of the weird looking fishes…

 photo IMG_8559_zps1a8d2c73.jpg

 photo IMG_8557_zpsde274cdd.jpg

 photo IMG_8541_zpse60a7a6c.jpg

 photo Tile2_zps95e21ecb.jpg

The beautiful Lion Fish (Top) but it’s Poison! Jelly Fish (left bottom), and do you know what is that on the right bottom photo?

 photo IMG_8539_zps79dea163.jpg

 photo IMG_8485_zps9237d67c.jpg

 photo IMG_8486_zps729d2a5c.jpg

 photo IMG_8551_zps008355a4.jpg

 photo IMG_8555_zpsd6af6d8b.jpg

Nautilus (from Greek ????????, ‘sailor’) is the common name of pelagic marine mollusks of the cephalopod family Nautilidae, the sole extant family of the superfamily Nautilaceae and of its smaller but near equal suborder, Nautilina. It comprises six living species in two genera, the type of which is the genus Nautilus. Though it more specifically refers to species Nautilus pompilius, the name chambered nautilus is also used for any species of the Nautilidae. Source from Wikipedia.

I’m surprised that I can see the Nautilus in this Aquarium!

 photo IMG_8501_zpsbb878b35.jpg

As usual, to the end of the journey in the Aquarium, we came to the Souvenirs area…but we didn’t buy anything from there.

 photo IMG_8574_zps2076259d.jpg

Even the Aquarium is not very big, but we can witness and admiring the rare species in it, especially the Nautilus. It’s worth for the ticket!
If you like sea creatures, you Can’t miss this Coral Wonderland in Malacca!

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