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Recommended Local BBQ Pork at Chuen How Restaurant – ?????, Batu Berendam

Chuen How Restaurant (N2.23859 E102.25761) is located along Jalan Merak which is nearby the Commercial area of Batu Berendam, it’s easy to spot the shop if you drive in from the main road.
The restaurant is famous with their Local BBQ pork which is different from commonly available in our market. After reading the positive reviews online from fellow bloggers, I decided to give a try…

 photo IMG_20130325_132852R_zpsd38ee53a.jpg

It was a simple setting just like others Chinese kopitiam (coffee shop).

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The owner was friendly and he allowed me to took the photos between stall area…

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We ordered :-
*  The Famous BBQ pork with roasted pork.
*  Assam soup with stingray
*  Vegetables
*  3 white rice.

 photo IMG_8431_zpsf7a558eb.jpg

 photo IMG_8434_zps9fce779d.jpg

The BBQ Pork (char siew ??) was well marinated with honey hoisin sauce, with a bit of char, savory and sweet! It was juicy inside with a sticky sweet outside…the char-siew was different from others just because the boss use streaky pork to made it, which is hardly to find within Johor Bahru area…

 photo IMG_8432_zpsb837f515.jpg
The roasted porks (??? were equally good but we felt a bit of regret by ordering this, simply because the BBQ pork was too Delicious! We only concentrated on the BBQ pork and end up left some of the roasted pork on the plate…

The stingray cooked in assam soup was fresh and tasty too! Especially the assam soup was flavorful and the lady boss was not stingy with the soup! We allowed to added more soup that day….

The Damage : RM22.00 for 2 adults 1 child included drinks.

It’s really difficult for me to describe the Delicious char-siew (??) in words, you have to discover it yourself! I categorized this BBQ Pork as ‘Must Eat Food’ and so do the Assam soup stingray to all friends who visit Malacca.
I bet you won’t regret it! 🙂

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