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Walk along the Riverside of Malacca (Melaka) River (photos sharing)

Before dinner, we strolling along the Malacca River just behind the Best Western Wana Riverside Hotel. The starting point was from the Musical Fountain (N2.20013 E102.24806), the musical fountain start to ‘Dance’ every evening from 8pm – 11pm, if I’m not mistaken…

 photo IMG_8335_zpsdf94f2bd.jpg

It was a cool evening and really relaxing walking…

 photo IMG_8336_zps241cb686.jpg

There was a bridge not too far away from us, it’s the Jambatan Pasar (Market Bridge). So we decided to cross to the other side of the riverbank…

 photo IMG_8339_zps28a2bd4c.jpg

 photo IMG_8341_zps4fc74a1a.jpg

 photo IMG_8343_zps51d7fb04.jpg

 photo IMG_8345_zps4197c22a.jpg

Once we crossed the bridge, there were many murals painted on the building’s wall…yes, many of them…

 photo IMG_8344_zps70494b61.jpg

If time allow, I would like to capture all the murals photo in the area…there were really nice and some of them reflected the culture of Malacca (Melaka). By sitting at the riverbank and admiring the murals was one of my enjoyment during the evening…

After the buildings full of the street arts, we came to a row of cafes and pubs, these are the nightlife area of Jalan Kampung Hulu of Melaka town. Well, it’s nice to have a cold draught beer while enjoy the cool breeze along the Malacca River…at least for me. 🙂

 photo IMG_8346_zps85a05eb5.jpg

The cafe above was Not the only one but with full row of it…until the last shop was a Chinese Seafood Restaurant, the restaurant business was good while we passed by…I guess the seafood here must be delicious! 🙂

After the seafood restaurant, we reached the Hang Tuah Bridge, we decided to cross it again and back to the hotel because it was about dinner time…

 photo IMG_8347_zpsa2e5eb6d.jpg

Standing on the bridge and looking around on the both riverbank, hmm…this was the ‘River’ which started the Malacca (Melaka) Empire during the 1600s…and also the began of the Tanah Melayu which is Malaysia today.

 photo IMG_8348_zpsd7e7e3b0.jpg

Once we walk across the bridge, the row of pubs and cafes started to light up. Colourful and Nice!

 photo IMG_8351_zpsb54dbe0f.jpg

We stopped at the place where we started and the whole riverbank walk is around 3.6km (with the proper pathway), which I’m intend to do it in the near future. It was really nice and enjoying walk along the river, where I can slowly view on all the colonial buildings which build on half century ago…

Beside this scenery, it is also a Good place for long exposure photography! Which I’m going to try it on the late evening…

 photo IMG_8352_zpsf1bbc8fc.jpg

Have you every try it? If no, please try it on your next visit to Malacca, you will like it! 🙂

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