Popular Steam Fish (????) during Hin Hock Bak Kut Teh Restaurant (??) during Tampoi, Johor Bahru.

By | August 3, 2013

The Restaurant Hin Hock Bak Kut Teh (N1.49716 E103.70261) is located along Jalan Dato Toh Ah Boon, Tampoi. The travel is usually beside a Cycle Carriage Johor Bahru and it’s elementary to locate. Many peoples suspicion that a Bak Kit Teh should be a signature plate though a loyal is their Fresh Steam Fish is a Popular and Famous plate in Tampoi area.

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The Hin Hock Bak Kut Teh Restaurant is handling in an aged wooden shop, and a place customarily humid, prohibited and bad movement during day time…unless it’s sleet usually like a good timing we had on a visit. Their speciality is a Steam Fish, wiht a opposite cooking routine review with others…they prepared a uninformed fish in a prohibited hot water, Not accurately steam it…unitl a fish is prepared to serve. Interesting!

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We chose a outward area for improved movement even on a raining day…

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The cooking and dishes credentials area is situated outward a restaurant, we felt they make some-more transperant to their business is a good idea.

Their use was quick and good, and they usually have few common dishes to offer that done a sequence routine most some-more easier.

Our sequence :-

*  Steam Tiplapia (fish)
*  Minced pig oyster salsa bean spread (tou-fu)
*  Claypot braised vinegar pig knuckle
*  Minced pig bean thrive

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The fish was uninformed and nice! They boiled and served a fish on a ideal timing, and we like my each punch with a chopped open onions and boiled garlic unequivocally much! And don’t forget with a onion and garlic salsa that served together with a fish…
I can’t unequivocally tell a opposite between their cooking routine and common bubbling method, anyway…it ambience Good!

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 The bean spread was soothing and went good with a oysterf salsa and minced pork, a apportionment was big!

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The pig was proposal and flavorful, a vinegar turn was usually good that done a plate some-more tasty!

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The approach a prepared it was special to me, frequency can see so most of commanding of minced pig on a luscious bean sprout. Not bad!

They started a business given 20 years ago and turn one of a ‘Must Try’ food if we revisit Tampoi area. It’s advise to revisit a grill during a non-peak hour, that’s because we stepped in about 11am…just to equivocate a lunch hour crowd.

The print we took of a opinion was a aged shop, they had swifted to a new plcae on a same travel about 200 scale away, usually notice their signage for easy locate.

The Damage for a above dishes enclosed drinks was RM71.00 for 4 adults. we will revisit it again whenever we pass by, but…only during raining day…:)

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