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Kim Long Curry Fish Head ?????? along Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi

In Taman Pelangi, there’s a popular Clay pot curry fish head restaurant which is packed with peoples most of the time, the place mentioned is Kim Long Curry Fish Head Restaurant ?????? (N1.48279 E103.77546). The restaurant is located along Jalan Kuning of Tmn Pelangi which is opposite the Kim Kopitiam. This is the second outlet where the First outlet is located at Jalan Wong Ah Fook in Johor Bahru town.

 photo IMG_20130630_210135R_zps8deb3336.jpg

The reason we chose this outlet is because the restaurant operate from afternoon till night and with better environment, despite the majority reviews said the first outlet is taste much more better than this…

 photo IMG_20130630_210736R_zpsdd001f39.jpg

The restaurant has 2 dining area, indoor and outdoor. But the outdoor are just merely 2-3 tables along the corridor…we picked the corridor table.

The clay pot curry fish head serve in small, medium and large sizes depends on request from customer. We ordered a small size for 2 persons.

 photo IMG_9632_zps2c3a2f2a.jpg

Once the lid lifted from the clay pot, the nice curry aroma was wafted around as usual. The other ingredients served together in the clay pot was young lady fingers and cowpea.

The flavorful curry fish head was slightly different from the one we had in Cedar Point, the level of the lemak (coconut milk) was much more lower and the curry powder taste more stronger, and spicy too! I felt the curry more oily, but it kept the heat very well till we finished… the fish was fresh, tender and moist. We enjoyed the nice curry on a raining evening…such a perfect timing for us!

There are a few popular and famous curry fish head around JB, I still haven’t try all of them yet, despite the positive and negative reviews online, I’ll still visit all of them in the coming future because I love ‘curry’…Kim Long is another version of the Curry Fish Head originally from Johor Bahru, maybe you will like it. Try it out!