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Restoran Yeen Lai ????????? at Kulaijaya, Johor.

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According to the local, this was where the famous Yun Lai (?????) originated and it’s the first historical shop of the business…nowadays, the name of Yun Lai spread every corner of Johor Bahru…

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We visited the restaurant around noon time, it was not crowded…the dim sum business is handling by group of foreign workers except the cashier. We found out the production of the dim sum had moved to further up 21 miles at Kulai town, and the dim sum are transported every day to this ‘old’ shop to keep the freshness of the food.

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We ordered the chicken feet, Siew Mai (??) and Char Siew Bao (???). Overall good!

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The chicken feet were a bit special on the springy skin, the tiny bones were not messy dropping…Siew Mai was average and the Char Siew Bao was tender on the outer side, juicy and tasty inside, it was one of the nice char siew bao I had within JB and Kulai.

Price was reasonable and worth the second visit.

The only disadvantage is the shop too close to the main road that makes you cannot enjoy the dim sum peacefully, but I guess it became the ‘culture’ of this dim sum restaurant where the customers won’t bother about it anymore…