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New series of foods and desserts from Moshi Moshi Dessert and Tea Cafe at Taman Mount Austin

Do you like desserts?
Moshi Moshi Desserts and Tea Cafe at Taman Mount Austin had launched their new series of desserts and some snacks on December 2013! We visited the cafe not too long ago, and below are some of the new series available…

Before the desserts and snacks, let me brief some information of Moshi Moshi Dessert and Tea Cafe…Moshi Moshi is selling their 100% local handmade ice cream and sorbet (they learned the skill from Taiwan) and serve with ‘Natural, Fresh’ ingredients with NO preservatives, and their drinks is make from fresh fruits, not from ‘powders‘ that easily available in other cafe. Majority of their ingredients are imported from Taiwan and they make the sorbet and ice cream locally.

The first dessert was Coffee Ice Cream + Guava Bum Bum Ice (????? + ??????)

 photo IMG_2321_zps444b5cc2.jpg

The dessert served with 2 flavor of ice cream which was coffee and guava, corn flakes and some fresh fruits. The coffee flavor was rich and nice, we love the ‘aroma’ very much! If you are coffee lover, I believe you will love it too! The guava flavor ice cream was fresh, fragrant and original. It’s advise to take the side dish (fruits and flakes) together while enjoying the handmade ice cream.

 photo IMG_2322_zps0c1036e1.jpg

The dessert above serve in 4 types of combinations.

The Sesame Q-Rice Ball (?????) was the second surprised for us. The rice ball was fried in sesame seed and glutinous rice with the fragrant Gula Melaka (palm sugar) filling. The outer skin was crispy and soft inside. It’s advise to taste the rice ball with the peanuts topping, the first bite was unforgettable!
There are 3 types of rice ball available from the menu.

 photo IMG_2326_zps8fdf6fd9.jpg

Peanut Mochi Cake (???????)
This was one of the Classic series of the Mochi Cake, topping with peanuts butter and a cube of butter + honey.

 photo IMG_2334_zpsa7846fd3.jpg

The Mochi cake is waffle look-a-like, but it was not the waffle. It made from the sticky rice, baked to perfection. Crispy outside and really chewy when you bite on it! It was a totally new experience! The dish can really fill up your empty stomach even it doesn’t serve in big portion.

 photo IMG_2340_zpsa53a04be.jpg

The Classic series of Mochi cake serve in 4 different types…Chocolate, French, Strawberry and Peanut.
The Mochi cake also serve with ice cream, our next dish was Chocolate Ice Cream with Cheese Koshi Cake (????????????).

 photo IMG_2345_zps4d180d42.jpg

 photo IMG_2346_zps2306222e.jpg

 photo IMG_2354_zps268d1b37.jpg

 photo IMG_2348_zps2f749829.jpg

The chocolate ice cream was not sweet, it taste like dark chocolate…slight bitter. Cheese lover will love this light meal because of the nice aroma of the cheese which baked with the Koshi cake. The whole combination was just perfect!

Beside the series above, Moshi Moshi also provide the Special Baked Series ???????? for the Kochi cake.
One of the popular Special Baked Series is the Smoked Chicken Koshi Cake (??????.

 photo IMG_2342_zpsc809e6f5.jpg

 photo IMG_2350_zpse0dab674.jpg

I like this smoke chicken baked koshi cake! It’s hard to describe in words about the taste, it took a little strength for chewing it and the smoke chicken was a good combination for the cake. Love it!

After we filled up our ‘tank’, the last dessert was served on the table…Coconut Ice Cream Parfait (?????????)  It was one of the dessert from the Parfait series…

 photo IMG_2369_zpsc3e17776.jpg

 photo IMG_2366_zps52ad18ab.jpg

This parfait ice cream was served with fresh coconut where you feel the coconut within, they mixed the young and old coconut with some home recipe to provide this NICE parfait ice cream. It can really cool down the temperature during the hot sunny day…please take note the layer of the dessert, there were cornflakes and cut fresh fruits in between. One of the great refreshment we had!

Prices for the above desserts and snacks is between RM6.90 – RM15.90

Do visit the Moshi Moshi Cafe not only on the hot weather day, it’s also a nice hangout place in evening. It’s good to enjoy some good dessert after your sumptuous dinner. The cafe understand the market demand about the after meal dessert culture, so Ms Elaine (one of the partner) said their operating hour is until 12am everyday…Yes! It’s everyday!

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