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Berjaya Langkawi Resort


The Berjaya Langkawi Resort is located along a beautiful bay named Burau bay. The resort has various beautiful wooden villas which are placed along the area. The resort is positioned against the slope of the mountain Mat Cincang, hiding within the jungle while monkeys are walking under the wooden villas on stilts.

The houses have a beautiful interior, with a large balcony and a magnificent view looking over the bay. There is also free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and a minibar. Apart from the houses located right next to the hill, you also have several chalets and suites standing on stilts at the shallow sea floor. These houses are simple beautiful, but to experience this you will pay a high price per night. The resort also holds the fantastic Taaras Spa, which offers multiple relaxation treatments.

When we stayed here, the food was great, and they have themed dinners on a weekly basis where there will be several Asian cuisines on the menu. You can also order delicious western dishes a la carte, and western lunches are also available. We ordered a meal from our room once (room service), and the employee who brought our food told us that we could leave the tray with plates, cutlery and left-overs in front of our door after we were finished. After we did this, all hell broke loose in front of our house, since the macaques found out we had left some left-overs, and took the entire tray with them. All around our house we had found plates and cutlery. A good lesson to never leave food outside your villa.

The lobby is gorgeous, and build in a traditional style. When you walk out of the lobby, you arrive at a beautiful pool, with a viewing over the bay. It’s only a 3 minute walk from the lobby to the beach, which comes with several wooden beach beds. Next to the lobby you have the Rimba bar, where you can enjoy numerous types of cocktails. At the beach you have the Boat House Bar, which is a nice place to have a drink while enjoying a lovely sunset.

Since the resort is located on a pretty steep slope, a golf cart brings you to and from the villa. All you have to do is call room service, and a bellboy will be in front of your door within a minute.

A few minutes’ walk away you will find the attraction named Oriental Village, which is a remake of a village in authentic style, which is on the same ground as the popular Panorama Lankawi Cable Car. This is a cable way which will bring you all the way to the top of the mountain Cincang. The view is absolutely magnificent from the top, as you can see along the entire island. If you look far enough, you can even see the coastline of Malaysia, and if you look north you can see several island from the neighboring country Thailand. If you take a taxi, it is about a 5 minute ride to Telega Harbour, which is a cozy and touristic harbor. Here you will find a lot of (especially Western) restaurants.








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