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Pulau Ketam fresh seafood Steamboat at TUTA, Skudai, Johor Bahru.

Every year when come to the raining season, most of us like to choose steamboat for dinner during the cold evening. Everyone will be gather around the steamboat pot and keep warm…actually I like the special moment…

Recently, there is a newly open seafood steamboat restaurant located at the intersection of Jalan Temenggong 10 and Jalan Hulubalang 1 of Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, with the name of ‘Pulau Ketam Steamboat Restaurant‘. (N1.50904 E103.65284)

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The restaurant has a simple setting, clean and well ventilated environment. You can have choices of indoor or outdoor dining area…

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The staffs and the owner – Mr John were friendly and helpful. Our steamboat served on table pretty fast.
Their delicious chicken broth is prepared by few types of fresh ingredients and also one of the main attraction for the diners. Beside, they do serve Tom-yum broth and both were well presented in the common 2 in 1 steamboat pot (widely available in JB area)

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They serve in minimum 2 persons package (RM35 for single type broth, RM37 for 2 types broth) and you can have a choice to taste only the side dishes (more than 40 types) without ordering the main package.

We ordered the 3 persons package, follow by the other fresh seafood…

3 persons package (photo taken from 3 different angles)

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 photo IMG_3716_zps4b2e7ee9.jpg

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And don’t forget the fish noodles (must order!)

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Their fish noodles is made from a blend of rich fish paste, it’s a nice to savour with the steaming soup. The fresh springy fish noodles was different from other restaurant that I tasted before, it was a new experience for me!

We had few types of their popular seafood, crabs (with roes and without), big scallops,  white pomfrets, mussels and fresh oysters. Beside seafood, we also tried their New Zealand beef slices and deep fried dumplings.

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We were really satisfied and convinced with the fresh seafood and the yummy broth! Not to mentioned the shabu-shabu beef slices and fried dumplings. It was a enjoyment having the steamboat in the raining evening, do you? (Yes, it’s the local culture…)

According to the owner – Mr John, the fresh seafood and ingredients are ship ‘daily’ from Pulau Ketam to ensure the satisfaction for their customers taste bud.

It’s good news for the steamboat fans to have another choice in Johor Bahru area. Have you try it before?

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