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Restoran Lee Swee Meng @ Melaka Raya

Wanted to try Melaka traditional yet delicious Chinese restaurant? Restoran Lee Swee Meng (????????) definitely will be the ideal choice in order would like to request for reasonable price and tasty dinner at Melaka Raya.

First to come, Claypot Pork Curry, is a Chinese style Curry, with a little spicy but with thicker Coconut Milk, so its more fragrance instead of hot and spicy, is suit for those who not so prefer for spicy.

The Claypot Pork Leg is their signature dishes and also for the local favorites, the dark Soya Sauce and not too fat Pork Leg, that would not you feel greasiness, ‘Ho Chiak’.

Chinese Sausage with Egg, just simple and the best when served together with Claypot Pork Leg and White Rice, favorable Chinese traditional cuisine combination.

Last dishes was the Claypot Beancurd, a light served and non-fat dishes, nothing special on the Claypot Beancurd, served with some Vegetables, Mushroom and Beancurd.

Restoran Lee Swee Meng
Business time : 11.00am – 9.00pm (Wednesday Closed)
Address : No 2, Jalan Melaka Raya 34, 75000 Melaka
GPS Coordinates : N2.184070, E102.254625

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