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Subway @ Ipoh Greentown

Subway, which is an American fast food restaurant franchise that sells submarine sandwich and salads, had finally arrived in the Ipoh town and starts operating on 24th October 2014. This outlet was situated in Greentown Ipoh and it was the first outlet of Subway in the Perak State. Honestly, I had never paid a visit to any Subway Outlets in other states and had always wished to visit this restaurant. At last, I grab the chance to pay a visit to Subway in Ipoh on this Saturday.
Subway Ipoh1

When I entering Subway, my first impression on Subway was it had no different with other fast food restaurants. There were no menu on the table and if you want to order the dishes, you have to place your order in the counter; the menu were placed high on the wall; some banners showing some current trendy dishes; serving based on the first-come-first-serve basis and customer have to queue to place the order. Not the least, the food served was less healthy.

Subway Ipoh2

Subway Ipoh8

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As soon as I come to place my order, I found that my first impression on Subway was wrong. The way to place an order is totally different with other fast food restaurants. There were several steps that need to go through before the sandwich of my choice is ready to serve, customer are free to mix and match the veggie and sauce for their sandwich and the sandwich is rich with veggies and much healthier than I thought! Now let’s go through the steps in ordering your Sandwich/wrap/salad.

First Step: Choose your item.

Instead of Sandwich, there were other choices, which are wrap or salad. As I never try on any dishes from Subway, I decide to choose the hot seller – Everyday Value 6-inch subs which just cost me for RM6.90. There are several choices for Everyday Value, which includes Seafood Crab, Chicken Slice, Meatball Marinara and Veggie Delite. I choose to have Chicken Slice 6-inch Subs. After choosing the item, it is time to choose the main ingredients.

Second Step: Choose your Bread.

There is variety of gourmet breads that baked freshly every day. I face some difficulty in choosing the bread as I never have a taste on all of them. At last, I choose Parmesan Oregano as the name sounds delicious to me.

Third Step: Any Extra?

After choosing the bread, the worker might ask you if you need any extra for meat and cheese. After that, wait a while as the worker is toasting your bread.

Forth Step: Choose your Veggies

There are variety of veggies that can be choose to be place inside the sandwich, the veggies include lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, pickles, green peppers, red onion, olives and jalapenos. I choose all the veggies except green peppers as I dislike to eat the green peppers in raw.

Fifth Step: Choose Sauce or Dressing

There is few type of sauce available to be chosen. Customer is free to choose/mix and match few types of sauce for the sandwich. I had chosen honey mustard, mayonnaise and chili sauce. At last, my sandwich is ready to serve and time for make payment!

For Subway Everyday Value, customer can get 16oz drink by just add in RM 1. Really is a great saver as I can get a big cup of Ice Lemon tea with just RM 1. There are varieties of soft drinks available to be chosen.

Subway Ipoh4

 There are cookies too, but I did not placed any order for cookies. It looks delicious and for sure I will return and have a try on it.

Subway Ipoh5

 Five Subway Sandwich for us.

Subway Ipoh7

Here is my Sandwich, Parmesan Oregano bread filled with chicken slice, cheese, varieties of veggies and sauce. The Parmesan Oregano bread is fragrant with herbs aroma and not too hard after being toasted. For the veggies,  before this, I never ate jalapenos although jalapenos were usually used in Chinese dishes. I gave the first try by adding Jalapenos into my Sandwich, but the combination is just nice for me. For the sauce that I choose, which are honey mustard, mayonnaise and chili sauce, my elder sister laugh at me at the first glance as she think that my choice was weird. After she try my sandwich, she said that my sandwich taste better than her. So readers, what was your usual choices in Subway? Don’t hesitate to tell me for your choice, I would like to try other combinations for my next time visit.


Subway Ipoh

Address: No. 5, Persiaran Greentown 4, Greentown Business Centre, 30450 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 10 am – 10 pm daily