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Karnival Sukan Pantai (KSP) Port Dickson 2015

Karnival Sukan Pantai (KSP) Port Dickson 2015

Malaysia’s biggest beach sports’ foe that support a sports addict with sports such as triathlon, beach soccer and volleyball. With several entertainments, such as informative shows, a accommodate and hail celebrities’ session, fireworks and waterpark for an brave and fun. A possibility to accommodate your favorite artist behaving during a carnival.


Date: 29th Mei – 1 Jun 2015

Venue: Pantai Batu 1, Port Dickson

Organizer: Nisa Event

Phone: +603 5524 2210

Email: [email protected]

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Cendol & Rojak Bukit Tinggi @ Bukit Tinggi, Klang

After a windows selling during AEON Bukit Tinggi, we carrying a try for a Cendol and Rojak during Bukit Tinggi. The Cendol only located during a highway side of bustling Bukit Tinggi Business Centre. Due to singular seats accessible as they work with a Van and many people over here will select to take divided instead of sup in.

Here is a Cendol of “Cendol Rojak Bukit Tinggi”, we can ambience a abounding and benevolence of Gula Melaka and a density of a coconut milk, of course, a self done Pandan essence Green Jelly! we feel ambience tasty and a Green Jelly is like present melted during your mouth, recommended!

While, a rojak of Cendol Rojak Bukit Tinggi competence ordinary, though if we select to sup on a spot, we competence will ambience a crunchy of a kuih, while a shrimp is ambience average.

Cendol Rojak Bandar Bukit Tinggi
Address : Lorong Batu Nilam 5, 41200 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Business Time : 11am – 6pm (Monday – Sunday)
GPS Coordinates : N03.00827 E101.437161

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Hinz Kitchen @ Cyberjaya

Cyberjaya now is not some-more can report again as ‘Ghost Town’, now we can performed many choices of foods, from Malay cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Mamak cuisine to Arabian cuisine easily. While, a many we used to compensate my revisit is a Hinz Kitchen where located conflicting to IBM, HSBC and Shell.

Since there are many MNC nearby, so there will small packaged during lunch hours, however a portion time is utterly quick even there are many customers.

Our initial portion is a Chinese Herb Chicken Drumstick, fundamentally a portion is utterly plain for a mixture where is blank Chinese Herbs such Gou Zi, Hong Zao where routinely we can found in a other place when we take for Chinese Herb Chicken Drumstick, altogether a ambience is utterly tasty.

Next will be a Yam Ring served with Squid Gong Pou, a Yam Ring is utterly crispy, however a Gong Pou is small sweet, will some-more juicy if some-more sharp for a Gong Pou.

Finally is a Yam Ring served with honeyed and green pork, same as a above, a Yam Ring is crispy, though they do small improved with honeyed and green pork, ambience average.

Hinz Kitchen
Address : Jalan Teknokrat 3, Cyber 4, 63000, Cyberjaya, Malaysia
Business Hours : Monday – Friday (10:00am – 10:00pm)
GPS Coordinates : N2.924334, E101.655885

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KL in 24 Hours

Whether it’s a stopover en track to another partial of a world, or a prolonged weekend getaway, Kuala Lumpur has a lot in store for you. There’s copiousness to see and do, even if you’re here for usually a day or two.

Here’s a beam to creation a many of your time in KL.


Breakfast during a Kopitiam
Skip a hotel breakfast and start off your day with some hearty, internal favourites during a kopitiam. Kopitiams are normal coffee shops that offer Chinese hawker food. There are many kopitiams around town, any with their possess specialties such as beef noodles, dismal tan mee, Hainanese pig clout and kaya toast. Some kopitiam bondage are also halal-certified, such as Old Town and Pappa Rich.

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Batu Caves

Batu Caves

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Get to know some-more about a Indian enlightenment during Batu Caves, a site of a Hindu church and shrine, and also home of a second tallest statue of Lord Murugan, a Hindu deity. Take a stand adult 272 stairs to get a overwhelming perspective of a city centre – it’s tiring, though positively value a climb! If you’re feeling adventurous, it’s also a good place for stone climbing enthusiasts.

Petronas Twin Towers KLCC

Petronas Twin Towers

(Image source:

Want an easier approach to locate a city skyline? Get a stately perspective from a skybridge and regard rug of a Petronas Twin Towers. Tickets can be purchased in allege from their website, or we can get a tickets from a ticketing conflicting on a day of your visit. At a bottom of a towers is a selling haven, a Suria KLCC selling mall. If we have kids (or a immature during heart), there’s also a Petrosains Science Discovery Centre and Aquaria KLCC located in KLCC to keep them entertained.



Little India, Brickfields

Little India, Brickfields

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Head over to Little India for a gratifying lunch of banana root rice. (Take a demeanour during a guide to banana root rice if we don’t know what it is!) There are many restaurants there for we to take your collect from, and with KL Sentral nearby, it’s simply permitted too. Besides that, a KLIA Express sight stops during KL Sentral, so we can even have your repair usually before we leave a city! You can also emporium for normal Indian products such as saris, flower garlands, spices and trinket in Little India.

Islamic Arts Museum

Get to know some-more about Islam and a enlightenment during a Islamic Arts Museum. It houses some-more than 7 thousand artifacts as good as an well-developed library of Islamic art books. The art objects on arrangement operation from a minute pieces of trinket to one of a world’s largest scale models of a Masjid al-Haram in Mecca. The National Mosque, located usually beside a museum is also value a visit.

Dataran Merdeka

Sultan Abdul Samad Building

(Image source:

It was here in Dataran Merdeka (or Independence Square), a Malayan dwindle was hoisted for a initial time and autonomy was announced on 31st Aug 1957. Just conflicting a block are a iconic Sultan Abdul Samad Building and other colonial buildings that make ideal backdrops for photos.


Bukit Bintang

Pavillion KL

(Image Source:

Shop compartment we dump in Bukit Bintang. It’s a shopper’s bliss with some-more than 5 malls in a stretch. You’ll be spoilt for choice with a outrageous preference of internal and general brands. If you’re feeling peckish, a Lot 10 Hutong food justice is a good place to refuel your energy. The stalls are a collection of some of a best hawkers around a country, so we won’t have to transport distant to bite a best of Malaysian food!

Chinatown, Petaling Street

Petaling Street

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If you’re adult for some discount hunting, conduct over to Petaling Street. Here, we can emporium for anything from gems and scent to toys and t-shirts. It’s best to come in a evening, as a travel vendors open emporium during 3pm. Besides shopping, Petaling Street is also famous for a food where we can bite a ambience that has withstood a exam of time. Most restaurants and stalls here have been upheld down for generations, any with a possess specialty. From hokkien mee to duck rice and even normal mua chee, there’s copiousness for we to try.


 KL Tower

KL Tower

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Standing during 421 meters and 94 meters above sea level, you’ll be means to suffer a panaromic perspective of a city during a KL Tower. Check it out during night to see a city aflame up. You can even suffer a dish during a revolving grill while we suffer a sights.

Pasar Malam

Pasar Malam

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Visit a pasar malam (night market) for a unique, informative experience. It’s a good approach to observe and take partial in a lifestyle of a internal village by sampling opposite travel dishes and snacks and selling during a several stalls.

Late Night

Jalan Alor


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Located in a heart of KL, Jalan Alor is one of Malaysia’s many renouned food destinations. During a day, usually a few eateries are open, though when a object sets, a whole travel is filled with stalls on a left and right. The stalls are open compartment late, so it’s good for a late night food hunt. Don’t forget to move your appetite!


(Image Source:

For those looking for a night of partying, KL won’t disappoint. From swanky rooftop bars to stylish nightclubs, there is no necessity of nightlife in KL. For a start, conduct over to Changkat Bukit Bintang and let yourself lax during one of a city’s many function boulevards.



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Feeling inspired in a center of a night? Head on over to a mamak stall. Mamak stalls are affordable eateries non-stop by Indian Muslims, and with some mamak stalls open 24 hours a day, it’s ideal for stuffing yourself adult after a night of merrymaking or for a late night snack. Feast on opposite forms of rotis, nasi lemak and curries; or usually bite a crater of tasty teh tarik for a gratifying finish to your day.

Get to know some-more about Malaysia during

Need commemoration ideas? Here are some unconventional gifts to move behind from Malaysia!

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Thaipusam: Carrying A Common Burden

“I am a sequence smoker,” says a Kavadi maker. “Every day one packet.”

I am station amidst piles of plywood and steel fittings, appetite collection on a building and sawdust in a air, underneath a front porch shutter of a elementary patio residence on a hinterland of Banting, 45 mins from Kuala Lumpur. Outside, in a prohibited afternoon sun, half finished Kavadis mount on a asphalt, some small skeletons of steel rods and plywood, unrecognisable. This is where Kavadis—a earthy weight carried by Hindus as an act of penance during a festival of Thaipusam—are made. we consult a stage before me. we had approaching it to be rather reduction industrial, some-more visionary – maybe an ascetic hand-crafting his creations, amid swirls of camphor smoke. But cigarette smoking is a review during hand. “I’m a sequence smoker, yet given a month of Thai began, not a singular stick.”


Bala operative on a Kavadi

Bala, a Kavadi maker, is referring to a Hindu month of Thai, from that a Hindu festival Thaipusam derives a name. On a day we accommodate him, he has not had a fume for 3 weeks. Along with other Hindu devotees, Bala undergoes fasting for 48 days (the generation of a month in a Hindu calendar), abstaining from party and oppulance before a day-long proceed that is a face of Thaipusam. Bala proudly shows me an manuscript of journal clippings, where any print or discuss of his Kavadis in a press has been lovingly laminated and bound. It is a work of love. “It’s not unequivocally about a money,” he says in a thick Tamil accent, “I assistance people to do their pilgrimage.”


Putting a finishing touches on a Kavadi and contrast it out

A event with opposite paths

I accommodate one of Bala’s business during a march of my visit. K. Anuharan has come to check on a swell of his Kavadi. Wearing a thick, silver-speckled brave and a malar (sort of a Hindu rosary) around his neck, he surprises me by vocalization ideal English. His Kavadi is comparatively medium by stream standards, yet still measures over 5 feet in tallness and width, and weighs around 30 kg. Balance is a hallmark of a well-crafted Kavadi, and Anuharan is here to make certain that a Kavadi’s heft is uniformly distributed opposite his shoulders. “As distant behind as we can remember, we have been fasten a Thaipusam proceed during Batu Caves any year.” At my disbelief, he strains to remember if he has ever missed one. “No,” he finally says. “Even now that we am staying in Australia, we will fly behind any Thaipusam.”

Selva is another Hindu advocate who will lift a Kavadi this year. An operative during an airline association formed in KL and an zealous marathon runner, he too has assimilated a proceed any year given childhood. Even when he was operative in Singapore during his younger days, he assimilated a proceed in Singapore.

The Kavadi that Selva will lift is totally opposite from Anuharan’s. He shows me a print of it on his phone. It is a elementary timber pole, modestly embellished, that will be offset opposite his shoulders. At both ends of a pole, he will hang a jar of milk, that devotees move to a church as an offering. While a incomparable Kavadis and a fantastic Vel Kavadis (which are trustworthy to bearers partly by steel spikes pierced into a bearers’ skin) are a ones that squeeze a courtesy of photographers and a public, it is Selva’s understated Kavadi that is closer to a normal form. “The normal Kavadi is merely a stick with an arch over it, that rests on a bearer’s shoulder,” explains Kandasamy Velayuthan, Deputy President of a Malaysian Hindu Sangam, a physique that oversees Thaipusam celebrations in Malaysia. “It should usually be flashy with palm branches, peacock feathers and fruits that are used for prayers.” Over a years, Kavadis grew bigger and some-more elaborate. Kandasamy admits that this could be partly fuelled by one-upmanship among devotees, yet is also due to a opposite vows done by opposite devotees. Perhaps any male has his possess weight to carry.


Anuharan charity prayers before a large day

Diverging beliefs

Both Anuharan and Selva determine to me following them during a Thaipusam procession. Knowing that we have no before experience, they report to me a standard Thaipusam procession.

The proceed itself is a rough epic. Over a million devotees take a two-kilometre proceed to Batu Caves, many carrying Kavadis of all sizes, a atmosphere rattling with a raging drumbeats of normal song troupes. Though a rituals practised competence differ, a channel is mostly similar: The proceed starts on a banks of a Batu River, where devotees rinse themselves as a mystic form of cleansing, Hindu priests offer prayers, and a devotees take adult their Kavadis. At this point, all a avoidance and fasting and imagining of a prior 48 days come to a head. Many Kavadi bearers will enter into a trance. Anuharan describes a experience: “The appetite of a deity is channeled into you, and it’s as if we remove control of your body. You are wakeful of your surroundings, yet it’s as if another appetite is determining your body, giving we a continuation and concentration to finish a procession. Sometimes we even remove alertness completely, so we have no correlation of events during a trance. You enter into a coma during a stream bank, and arise adult during Batu Caves!”

The power of a coma depends really most on a devotee’s preparations forward of a large day. “Sometimes we get a good trance, infrequently we get a diseased trance,” says Anuharan. “If we didn’t ready with a right suggestion – quick scrupulously or spend time meditating – we will get a diseased trance, and this means we competence not have a strength to finish a procession. It is pronounced that a piercings would harm too,” he continues, referring to a common use of trenchant one’s self with steel skewers or hooks, as an concomitant act of penance.

Piercings have turn a indicate of contention. Some, like Anuharan, remonstrate with a practice. “Hinduism never asks me to harm myself,” he says. “It is a form of penance for some, they make a vouch to do it, and so they contingency perform that vow. But for me, we don’t do it.” Selva, though, has had piercings before, and offers his counterpoint. “I have listened that when a skewer is pierced by a tip of a tongue, it touches a haughtiness on a tongue that helps a mind to concentration and keep it in a pondering state during a procession.”


A clergyman restraining a Kappu on Anuharan’s palm and blessing him and his family

The home stretch

Three days before Thaipusam, devotees who devise to attend in a proceed revisit a church to offer special prayers. Anuharan, whose event began in Australia, offers his prayers during a Ayappan church circuitously Batu Caves. A clergyman affixes a square of turmeric on a string, sprinkles it with red Kunkum powder, and ties it to Anuharan’s hand. It is called a Kappu. It is a pointer that a dispatcher has done a vow, and is now portion out his penance. For a subsequent 3 days, Anuharan will stay during a temple, sleeping on a building during night, meditating and avoiding secular distractions.

Selva, no foreigner to tests of endurance, is attack a home widen too. His vows of avoidance will grow some-more severe, and he too will discuss more. Bala, a Kavadi maker, has most some-more to do. He has set adult a tent circuitously a Batu River, that will offer as his bottom of operations. Last-minute requests from business leave him busy. At a same time, he too needs to observe all his vows. By day he scrambles to finish Kavadis, by night he and his mother nap during circuitously temples. On Thaipusam day, Bala will perform a proceed over and over again. He or members of his group need to travel with a devotees who lease his Kavadi all a proceed to a Batu Caves temple, and collect a Kavadi in time for a subsequent rental. Anuharan, Selva, and Bala are only 3 of an estimated 1.5 million people who will mob Batu Caves this year. Each will proceed Batu Caves with opposite vows, temperament opposite burdens, carrying walked opposite paths. This is a final buildup of spirituality, for all of them.


Anuharan perplexing out a Kavadi

A common burden

Why do we do it? we ask. Though Anuharan and Selva differ in their use of Thaipusam, they both offer a same answers – invocation and tradition. “I lift a large Kavadi given we once done a request, and it was answered miraculously. In return, we vowed to lift a large Kavadi any year, so this is a accomplishment of that vow,” explains Anuharan. Selva has never done a specific vow, yet he, too, sees a Thaipusam proceed as an act of thanksgiving.

“It is a proceed of expressing my thankfulness for a blessings in my life, and during a same time, to ask for a blessings to continue.” Selva adds, “It is partial of my temperament as a Hindu. My family has always participated in a Thaipusam procession, and when a time comes we will pass this on to my children.” Anuharan concurs. “Every year, ever given we can remember, my family has taken this pilgrimage. It is a tradition value keeping.”


Journey with us, as we go on a event to Batu Caves in a second partial of this series: A Walk Among Gods

Want to know some-more about Thaipusam and other festivals and events in Malaysia? Visit for some-more information.

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