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Flying on the Cessna C208B Grand Caravan from Senai airport to Tioman Island

We reached the Senai International Airport before dawn, because need to group with others before our departure…

The arrangement was perfect by the Tunamaya staffs, the check-in process for taking the private chartered flight from Senai airport to Tioman airport was smooth. Once the baggage check, we walked through the private lane way to the plane.

It was my first time flying on this Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, the plane had change and refurbished into a luxury seats and facility. We can rotate the seat for 180 degrees which convenience for discussion among the passengers.

 photo IMG_3864_zpsb8ea3b5d.jpg

 photo IMG_3869_zps8c516c93.jpg

 photo IMG_3870_zpsba1f60f3.jpg

 photo IMG_3872_zpsf22aeb1c.jpg

Mineral waters, tibits and snacks were ready for us in the plane. All of us happily wearing the orchid garland presented by the airport. The inaugural flight from Senai to Tioman, we ready to take off!

 photo Tioman2_zpsb7adfbe1.jpg

The weather of that day was good and the take-off was comfort.
This was my first time enjoying chatting with my friend and browse through the social media app in the plane…
Let me show you the breathtaking view along the way…

 photo IMG_3893_zpsafb6a998.jpg

The background was the mystery Linggiu dam…it was also the where the Srivijaya Empire started more than thousand years ago…as the legend said.

 photo IMG_3900_zps5a87512f.jpg

Beautiful green lake in the middle of the jungle…

 photo Tioman3_zpsec0aa759.jpg

 photo IMG_3903_zpsa417134e.jpg

I wondered this might be some kind of plantations…(photos above)

 photo IMG_3905_zps9908cf23.jpg

About 30 minutes later (around 8.35am), we were approaching Mersing town…

 photo IMG_3908_zpsaea2617a.jpg

 photo IMG_3910_zps6768f88f.jpg

The plane took around 15 minutes to cross the ocean, noticed from the GPS device in the cockpit…

 photo IMG_3906_zpsdd0be58f.jpg

After the plane flew through the clouds, the island appeared from the windows…the first scene was the ‘legendary twin peaks’ of Tioman Island. Yes, it is the landmark of Tioman.

 photo IMG_3918_zpsca30ef86.jpg

Followed by the lush canopy of greenery and the blue water…

 photo Tioman4_zps1b285947.jpg

 photo IMG_3925_zps714792e0.jpg

 photo IMG_3928_zpsbaf46ae1.jpg

It took around 45 minutes from Senai to Tioman island.
Once we touched down in Tioman island, the Tunamaya’s staff was at the airport to help us ferry our luggage to the Tekek jetty.

 photo IMG_3930_zpse9a14109.jpg

 photo Tioman5_zps20e57b0e.jpg

 photo IMG_3929_zps00b2ef4b.jpg

It was a pleasant flight and different experience compare with the commercial flight, we enjoyed very much!

The weather in Tioman island was hot and humid, as we walked to the jetty, our luggage already stand-by before us…

 photo Tioman6_zpsd5ed0045.jpg

Our journey to Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort continue on the next post…

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